Colour Spiritual Meanings

Colour Spiritual Meanings
Colour Spiritual Meanings

Red Spiritual Meaning

Red is fiery and energetic and creates inner warmth, confidence, courage, energy, healing, strength, determination, passion, and sexual attraction and keeps us spontaneous! The colour red stimulates cell growth and also relates to stability and security. Red encourages us to have willpower and to be ambitious.

Blue Spiritual Meaning

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. Blue is strongly associated with tranquillity and calmness inspiration, confidence, sincerity and peace. Blue is the colour of Wisdom, Communication, and Spirituality. The butterfly.

Light blue Spiritual Meaning

Light Blue is associated with health, healing, tranquillity, understanding, and softness. Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

Turquoise Spiritual Meaning

Turquoise is the colour of the Ocean and dolphin energy. It is pure, healing, calming, and uplifting and creates joy and happiness also bringing communication through art and creative expression. Turquoise represents freedom and intelligence and can help us tap into Ancient wisdom, and telepathic ability. As it is said to provide protection from negativity, turquoise can also help bring peace and higher energy to relationships.

Green Spiritual Meaning

Green has wonderful harmonizing energy and so is healing and calming. It promotes growth, fertility, love and creativity, Green is a tranquil, peaceful colour that is also patient. Green balances the nerves and body and brings us Mother Nature’s healing vibrations.

Purple Spiritual Meaning

Purple is associated with intuition, vision and mystery, as well as royalty. It is a spiritual colour and is wonderfully used in Meditation. Purple helps give us inspiration, and peace of mind and is healing and calming. Purple is wonderful for your imagination, inspiration and creative energy. It is a colour of Wisdom and Inner Strength.

Magenta Spiritual Meaning

Magenta connects our spiritual life to our unconscious self and to the divine, promoting the union of instinct and intellect. Magenta is a colour of love, tenderness and passion. It strengthens intuition, creativity, Artistic inspiration, imagination, and psychic powers, and also increases dream activity.

Bronze & Brown, Spiritual Meaning

Brown is used in colour therapy and colour healing art for grounding and helping people connect with Mother Nature. It helps give stability, strength, and comfort and represents reliability and sophistication. Brown also has balancing and nourishing energies.

Silver Spiritual Meaning

Silver enhances intuitive energies and gives us inspiration. It is mystically considered to improve speech and is healing and cleansing. It also helps enhance the energies of gemstones. Silver is related to the energies of the moon, which is associated with feminine energy. Silver can also bring trustworthiness and romance.

Black Spiritual Meaning

Black is not a colour and we see it as a shade containing not a trace of colour. The energies of black are Boldness, Power, elegance, sophistication, formality, seriousness and wealth. Black has depth and conceals and is said to be stylish, mysterious, slimming and sexy, hence the little black dress and smoky eyeshadow worn by women on a night out on the town! Black also represents control and is a good technical colour.

White Spiritual Meaning

White is not a colour. It reflects light and mixed with colours softens them. It has the energy of light. It symbolizes Cleanliness, purity, innocence, simplicity, freshness, peace, humility, truth and spirituality. White is said to be the shade of new beginnings.

Pink Spiritual Meaning

Pink is the colour of the heart and represents unconditional love, tenderness, caring, compassion, gentleness and romance. Feminine intuitive energy comes with the softness of pink. Promotes self-esteem as well as artistic, and creative energies. Red energies are in pink mixed with the softer energy of white.

Orange Spiritual Meaning

Orange is a fun colour radiating warmth, happiness and creativity. It helps us feel devoted, determined optimistic, enthusiastic, and cheerful. Orange encourages spontaneity, vitality and confidence, is a sociable colour, and promotes lively conversation. Orange also helps us have independence and creates attraction and success.

Gold / Yellow Spiritual Meaning

Gold or Yellow is an Optimistic and positive colour, that is rich and warm. Gold is linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun. It is associated with higher ideals, wisdom and enlightenment.

It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. It promotes compassion, love, and the sharing of knowledge. Gold has long been associated with royalty and is associated with abundance and prosperity and the powerful energy that brings light and life to all beings.

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