Ankh Meaning And Symbolism

Ankh Symbolism And Meaning
Ankh Symbolism And Meaning

The ankh symbol meaning an ancient Egyptian amulet. Similar to the look of a key. The ankh symbol was used in hieroglyphics art and design. The ankh was one of the artefacts specifically placed in King Tut’s tomb. The Ankh symbol meant something important to the ancient Egyptians, but historians and Egyptologists are not quite sure what that is.

Some surprising guesses have arisen over time. Some historians think the ankh was the symbol for the key that opened the door to the afterlife. Some say it is the symbol of the hidden alien race who inhabited the earth long ago, coming as white men and conquering.

Ankh Symbol Of Power And Protection

The Ankh symbol conjures life and immortality. The Egyptian hieroglyph of the ankh is one of the best-known and most popular of all the amulets and good luck charms. Some say the original cross, as many religions have adopted a form of the ankh for their own cults and purposes. Ankh protection symbol wards away evil spirits and harm associated with malevolent thoughts of others directed towards you.

Mirrors were magically used for purposes of secret Divination in Ancient Egypt metaphoric life and death as the Egyptians believed they mirrored each other. Ancient Egyptian mirrors are often found in the shape of an ankh symbol. The ankh amulet or talisman is a powerful symbol of protection and eternal life mimicking the transition into the astral plane after physical death. Or being able to communicate with the other world bringing forth its wisdom.

Ankh Meaning Spiritual And Metaphysical

The Ankh symbolises the birth of life itself here on earth and life after death. The ankh spiritually guides in healing and promotes psychic communication with the dead. Egyptian art depicts a priest or priestess placing an Ankh in the middle of their forehead in front of the third eye as a means to connect to the spirit world for communication and channelling. Spiritual healers often place an Ankh over wounds or areas that require medical attention, to promote regeneration and self-healing.

The loop at the top of the ankh is a symbol of the sun, and the line going across and underneath the loop represents the earth’s horizon. The rising sun after the dead of night and moonlight. The Ankh symbol represents a key that unlocks the gateways into the realms of magic and mystery – even the realms of the dead.

In this light, the loop on the top is considered a portal to the other side leading to higher shifts of consciousness and an altered state of being or trance. Allowing secrets and mysteries to be given by the spirit world to the living. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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