Deneb Kaitos Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star deneb kaitos
Astrology Deneb Kaitos Fixed Star

The topaz yellow fixed star Diphda or Deneb Kaitos aka “the whale” or “sea monster” is situated in the constellation Zeta. Flex those muscles because this competitive, yet at the same time inhibited star, releases strength, willpower and a determination to triumph over a troublesome situation.

Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos Meaning

Having a connection with the planet Saturn gives it similar energy. With a very relaxed attitude, this energy needs inspiration. Often taking on the good fight for a good cause. Propels the creativity needed to spur action.

When this fixed star shows in your astrology chart. Showing the qualities of leadership with compassion is the best way to describe someone with this energy prominent in their chart.

This fixed star also indicates travel, overseas to be precise. It’s an adventure, not a holiday. This star affects our playfulness spontaneity and our spiritual side. A journey of self-discovery found on unfamiliar shores. A trip that shunts us into seeing and being totally aware of a previous life. Guidance from the angelic forces reconnect you with the universal flow.

When found on a full moon the fixed star Deneb Kaitos creates wealth. The perfect time to harvest your crop. Plus plant a new one. It’s in the planting of the new crop or project that augers abundance and assurance of success. Plan to expand your original thoughts on this matter.

Much strength is needed, so don’t dwell on negativity or obstacles because fate at this moment, is one of change.  Time to take the yin with the yang… and accept that victory (and defeat) is always temporary. The crystal that elevates the magic of Deneb Kaitos’s energy is hematite, helping to turn all things positive.© Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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