Amazonite Spiritual Meaning

Amazonite crystal meaning
Amazonite crystal meaning

Amazonite Meaning And Crystal Benefits

Amazonite is best known for its blue-green colour. The stone of prosperity, the hope stone. Amazonite is named for the region from which it comes, the Amazon Basin. Although this is debatable as there is some confusion surrounding the history of Amazonite. The crystal was used by the Egyptians to create tablets, examples of this can be found in the tomb of King Tut.

Amazonite is a Microline feldspar, other members of the feldspar family are moonstone, labradorite, and Sunstone. The opalescence of this stone is truly amazing the shine goes forever. And maybe used as a scrying instrument by psychics. Amazonite can be found in Brazil, Colorado, and Virginia in the United States, Australia, and Madagascar.

Amazonite crystal is a healing stone, with its powers directed towards emotional healing. A crystal used by healers to guard against negativity whilst healing another person. While also providing a clean clear channel through which the healer may bring forth more powerful energies.

The dolphin animal spirit has a direct connection with Amazonite crystal for both have seen Atlantis. Amazonite has the hidden healing code of Atlantis embedded in its mineral makeup. Tapping into this energy is very possible indeed. Take an astral journey with the dolphin, and ask her to show you the way to the secrets of Atlantis.

Amazonite Healing Uses

Carrying Amazonite on your person helps balance out the emotions, and gives strength to your confidence. Especially useful stone if one is suffering anxiety and depression, as it calms the mind. And at the same time relaxes the body.

Tapping into the central nervous system Amazonite crystal calms and redirects the energy of the body. Balancing the energy flow around the aura allows for self-healing to take its process. Amazonite gives us the initial boost of healing energy to kick-start our other efforts in healing ourselves.

Although generally activating the throat chakra, Amazonite also opens and activates the third eye. Holding the stone in the middle of your brow with your palm triggers the third eye to open. Allowing free-flowing intuition to take the helm of the mind.

Alleviating worry and stress Amazonite calms anger down to a place where we can see clearly again. Frustration and anger are often felt because we are angry at ourselves. Amazonite helps us find the reasons behind why we are angry and project, that energy outwards.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite metaphysical properties, used as a protection stone while you sleep, guard the body while your astral body ventures off into the universe. Place the stone underneath the arch of the left foot inside a slipper or shoe and worn for three days. Is said to alert your soulmate you’re looking for them.

Another mysterious benefit of Amazonite is its ability to help us speak the truth. Not only to yourself but, to others too. It opens a clear communication channel. Both between people, their spirit guides or angels, and family and friends. If you’re looking for that little extra help in communicating something, try carrying Amazonite with you.

Amplifies and energizes the spoken word. Amazonite adds a little energy to our throat chakra. Allowing a speaker to bring forth exceptional inspiration and wisdom through his or her voice. Copyright  Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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