Malachite Spiritual Meaning

malachite crystal meaning
malachite crystal meaning

Green Malachite Metaphysical Meaning

At the core of the green malachite metaphysical meaning are healing and protection. Malachite raises one’s vibrations speeding up the natural healing process of the human body. Removing toxicities rejuvenates and reoxygenates the bloodstream. Due to its copper content do not place in the mouth but does carry it, but malachite relieves the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and muscle cramps.

Green malachite has the ability to realign the soul in the body a great benefit for those who suffer headaches. The grounding effect of green malachite is one of the strongest I’ve felt amongst the semi-precious gemstones. Firmly planting the feet and connecting the base chakra with the earth itself.

Green malachite and meditation are good friends. Helping one to gain a state of relaxation and enabling recollection of lost memories. And also allows one to drift deeper in meditation with the added benefit of psychically connecting with malachite.

Malachite Magical Purposes

As a protection stone malachite repels negative energy sent in by others. Guarding one against black magic and benevolent spells. Used in a set of divination stones green malachite will amplify any existing psychic energy within the seer.

Placed upon a deceased loved one’s grave green malachite will provide protection for their resting place. Or just as powerful is a small piece of malachite placed in the urn of a loved one’s ashes. Both applications protect and guide the spirit to the afterlife. Rejoining them with family and loved ones.

As a vision stone placed on the third eye malachite helps one to see where we and others are vulnerable. Allowing us to take the correct course of action. To repair and make strong our emotional and physical makeup. A powerful stone that has connections with the animal spirit crow or raven.

Raven and malachite both have the magic of breaking illusions and misconceptions of others making them a must-have tool for the witch, warlock, or wizard. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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