Rose Quartz Properties

Rose Quartz crystal meaning
Rose Quartz crystal meaning

Rose Quartz Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Rose quartz has metaphysical properties, the symbol of unconditional love and emotional healing. Creating trust, harmony, closer friendships, love, and inner peace. A calming crystal with astounding healing powers.

Emanating the kind of love and connection to the earth found in mothers. Strengthens and balances our dark emotional reds within the aura, bringing the colour pink to surround and heal our inner wounds.

Often used in love spells and charms to attract a soul mate or twin flame. A stone of bonding, joining together to meet a goal, creating a long life and happiness. Rose Quartz acts as a neutralizer for negative energy,  calming a frustrated soul. During sleep rose quartz protects and enhances our dreams. Allowing us vivid visionary recall of our night-time astral travels and dreams.

Chakra = Heart
Element = Earth, Water
Zodiac = Taurus. Libra
Planet = Venus
Health = Chest, Lungs, Kidneys, Heart

Rose Quartz Uses And Meaning

Rose quartz crystal has a unique sensory vibration tuning into what we need on an emotional level, connected with loved ones and lovers. Rose quartz is the natural answer for aiding in the comfort and healing of people going through grief and loss of some kind. Truly the nurse’s crystal offering help and healing without asking rose quartz will find emotional shifts and help to regulate them.

Rose quartz is particularly useful in the practice of meditation, calming the soul with each breath. Placed underneath your bed or chair while meditating enhances the meditation experience by clearing stale energies within the aura and physical surroundings.

Placed in the relationship corner of your home ( stand at your front door looking into your home, the relationship corner is the far right-hand corner ), rose quartz will send energy to the enhancement and healing of your relationships.

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Worn around the neck, rose quartz is most effective in bringing about calming energy ( lowering blood pressure) which others will pick up on subconsciously. Connected directly to the heart chakra rose quartz helps with self-doubt and worry, soothing the soul into contention.

Rose quartz encourages and supports unconditional love for yourself and others. A mother and her new coming baby benefit from rose quartz, enhancing the connection and energy felt between the two.

The laser-like aiming system of the rose quartz crystal toward the heart is undeniable. Focusing on even the smallest problem within the circulatory system and the workings of the heart. Both emotionally and physically healing from deep within. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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