Perth Rune Stone Meaning

Perth Rune Stone Meaning
Perth Rune Stone Meaning

The fourteenth rune is in the sixth position of Hagalls Aett (eight). The magical chalice offers rebirth and spiritual regeneration. A renewal of the whole self, leads to a new version of the same person. A raising of one’s morals and ethics.

Perth Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings, Perth. It has connections with the Aspen and Elm trees and has a direct link to the Ogham letter Perth guelder rose. Perth holds the hidden secrets, the mysteries, and the power of earth magic. Perth rune appears when a secret is happening before you, something that was previously hidden is now revealed to you.

Perth rune stone meaning augers a spiritual advancement of sorts unveiling a rich intuition with which to work. Perth often appears in times of doubt reminding you, intuition the feminine side of us all has a strong inner knowing. The message is we need to listen and trust our gut feeling or intuition.

 Phonetic: P -Pot or Cup
God: Frigg
Keywords: Mystery, Astral world
Symbolic Meaning: Magical intervention
Element: Water
Health: Sexuality, Birth
Polarity: Feminine

Reversed Perth’s meaning is asking you to listen more carefully to the signs and symbols of the universe. If our intuition is in tune and we hold it to the forefront of our thinking. Our decisions and choices become right and offer fortunate outcomes. Take a step back and re-evaluate the path which led to where you are now.

Magical Uses Of Perth Rune

Carve into lamps that lay beside the bed conjuring pleasant and prophetic dreaming. Meditate upon the symbol to enrich one’s knowledge of another, used to create a psychic pathway to another person. ¬© as channelled¬†by psychic medium Ian Scott

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