Hamal Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star hamal
Astrology Hamal Fixed Star

Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The fixed star Hamal (aka the “Head”). Sensual but sadistic, this independent stellar warrior seeks satisfaction.

Through self-indulgent and aggressive action, with a strong and immediate desire to dominate and control.  But without a direct outlet for this cruel and debauched energy, it is forced inwards and manifests as frustration and resentment.

Fixed Star Hamal Meaning

Angry and with no opportunity to express, do not attempt any daring or risky business as it is highly unlikely to succeed, and could end in a scandal… or devastation.  However with awareness, self-restraint, and patience, then this powerful energy can be harnessed as a protective force, offering leadership and success.

If this energy is channelled positively and constructively it becomes a force of personal power. When the storm rages inside, it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in the mind. This type of personality engages in self-destructive behaviour. With time spent working on the self, a certain type of intelligence is found.

Hamal fixed star meaning is one of restraint and controlled aggression towards positive outcomes. But only if harnessed and approached with extreme care and attention. Hamal appears in an astrology chart when things are about to get serious. A certain situation grows to a boiling point and action is needed. If any sort of constructive energy is to prevail.

Hamal fixed star also indicates working in the confines of the law. Judgement and interference from others could bring a major project to its end. When working with others ensure their integrity before sealing any business deal.  © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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