Bagua Mirror Meaning

Ba gua mirrior meaning
Ba gua mirror meaning

About The Bagua Mirror

The Ba Gua mirror (pronounced ‘bah-gwa’) meaning can be complex or simple depending upon one’s depth of intention. It has been used in feng shui as a cure-all for all sorts of negative energy remedies. Including poison arrows (Sha chi) easing electrical interference, protection for the deceased in cemeteries, and places of worship to name a few.

Bagua mirrors date back as far as the 10th century, although the Bagua itself is much older. The Bagua mirror has the same eight Trigrams, found in the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes, which originated 200 years BC.

On the night Bruce Lee passed away a horrific storm centred around his home,
minutes before he died his Bagua mirror fell from the wall above his front door and smashed into pieces.

The whole Chinese system of philosophy derives around the 8 trigrams which if we wish to delve deeper takes us to the connection of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and much more. Because this subject is extremely vast and understanding it takes many many years I’m going to focus just on the meaning and use of the Ba Gua Mirror.

Where To Place And How To Use A Bagua Mirror

Poison arrows are formed from energy meeting a sharp point at a 90º angle such as the corner of a bench or overhead beams, these situations are corrected by diverting the chi (energy. life force) to something round such as a vase or bottle with a plant in it, as this creates the correct moving flow of energy again. For overhead beams, a red ribbon dangling from a few of them will correct poison arrows from hitting you in the head.

A Bagua mirror is NOT USED in these situations DO NOT under any circumstances place a Bagua mirror inside your home. A Bagua mirror keeps out bad spirits and negative energy if you place your Bagua mirror inside the home you have no protection bad spirits and negative energy will enter through the front door.

A Bagua mirror belongs above the front door of your house. This is because the front door is by far the biggest opening to your home and people walking in and out create a flow of energy for the life force to be attracted through the front door.

There are three types of Bagua mirrors each for a different purpose, a concave mirror is used if you live near open land with vast amounts of clear open space. The concave mirror brings energy inward drawing in the chi to the house.

A convex mirror is used if you live in a city where buildings are taller and larger than your home overcrowding the energy space near your home. A convex mirror will push this energy outward away from the home, so to bring in positive chi. A flat mirror is used to reflect and deflect negative energy and invite positive energy.

Bagua Mirror Meaning And Magickal Uses

A Bagua mirrors power lies in the 8 trigrams of the ancient divination system known as the I-Ching which has 64 trigrams. The trigrams are a set of mystical magical markings used to describe the mysteries of earth, heaven, and spirit and how we interact with the universe around us. In the order of elements lies the energy of protection. The mirror is the reflector throwing back any negative energy, but the Bagua mirror does a whole lot more than just that.

A Bagua mirrors the main purpose is to protect the house you live in from natural disasters and the occupants of that house. The trigram symbols will protect the house stopping malevolent spirits in their tracks so they won’t be able to enter the home.

The Bagua mirror reflects the energy of the person entering the house if they are a negative person they will see their own negativity and maybe just stop visiting you. If the person is a positive one the Bagua mirror will reflect the love and positive energy. Making them feel welcomed and at peace. The Bagua and yin-yang symbols are often depicted together and used as a talisman or amulet. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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