Echidna Spirit Animal Meaning

echidna totem animal
echidna totem animal

The echidna is an ancient creature, millions of years old, and still going strong. The short-beaked echidna found in Australia and southern New Guinea has a resemblance to the hedgehog and the anteater. Along with the duck-billed platypus, these egg-laying mammals are exquisitely unique. Do you have echidna energy?

Echidna Symbolism

The tarot card that aligns with the Echidna animal spirit is the hermit. Extreme focus allows echidna to strive in even the harshest of situations. Echidna takes a meditative approach to all challenges. The element echidna works with is earth and to a lesser extent all five elements. Earth magic and its ancient wisdom are among the echidna’s library of knowledge.

In Greek mythology, Echidna is a dark goddess, a flesh-eating monster, half-snake, and half-woman. And I guess if you were an ant or termite an echidna would look like the monster of all monsters. In aboriginal myth, the echidna has many names such as Jula-wil, Libgwil, Gauang, or old man echidna.

Element: Earth
Energy: Androgynous
Planet: Neptune
Tarot: The Hermit
Tree Spirit: Lemon Aspen
Companion Animal: Raven or Crow

Echidna Spiritual Meaning

Able to withstand extreme timeframes of isolation the echidna is truly happy with his own company.  Once a goal has been established echidna will follow through to the end, no matter how hard or how long it may take. Success is assured with echidna spirit animal energy as giving up is not an option.

Sensitivity runs high in the echidna, an empath one may say. Psychic energy circulates through her veins. From the tip of her quills to the end of her tail. There’s no fooling an echidna. Looking deep into one’s spiritual life is the echidna way.

Laying her belly on the soil beneath her she gathers the electromagnetic energy of the earth. And harnesses translate and morph it into a radar psychic protection of great magnitude. Echidna senses danger from any and all directions.

Echidna Spirit Animal

A solitary nature warrior the echidna prefers peace over war and is always looking to reflect that in his home. Calm quietness drives echidna totems to thrive on their own super creativeness. A most resourceful creature, therefore able to provide love and abundance to his family.

Protection and self-preservation are the spiritual messages of the echidna. Be sure to hold a certain amount of protection around yourself. But be careful not to become cold and emotionless.  In addition,  provide for yourself first, then seek to help others. In this way, you’re assured of your strength to carry on through any circumstance or situation.

Dreaming of the echidna is her way of reaching you spiritually. Asking you to seek her medicine and her spirit message. When an echidna comes into your life either through a dream or meeting with the animal itself. The inner stirrings of magic begin. The Echidna animal spirit is a shamanistic guide with magnificent lessons to teach.  Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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