Lightning Meaning And Symbolism

Lightning bolt meaning
Lightning bolt meaning

There is an English legend, a superstition talking about finding a safe place during lightning. The Celts found the Oak tree attracts the spark and the Holly tree repels it. So if caught in a storm look for the thorny tree for protection.

Lightning Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

The lightning bolt is associated with the Greek God Zeus of sky and weather. It is said he would rain lightning bolts down upon those who displeased him. Lightning coming from the skies and heavens is also represented among the archangels.

Just like a shooting star, It is a magical experience being able to witness the light show nature displays for us. Seeing lightning at a distance augers a spiritual message. The time is now. Acknowledge the moment. Release yourself from the past and edit your book of life. Time to plan for the future and set goals to achieve them.

In Native American cultures, lightning is often seen as a symbol of power and energy. It is associated with the Thunderbird, a mythical creature that is believed to control the weather and bring rain.

Lightning is also seen as a symbol of transformation and renewal, as it has the power to start fires that clear away old growth and make way for new life. Some tribes believe that lightning is a message from the spirit world and that it can bring both blessings and warnings. Overall, lightning is a powerful symbol that is deeply ingrained in Native American culture and spirituality.

In Aboriginal culture, lightning is often seen as a powerful symbol of creation and transformation. It is believed that lightning strikes can bring about positive change and renewal, as well as serve as a reminder of the power and unpredictability of nature. Additionally, lightning is sometimes associated with spiritual beings and ancestors, and is used in various ceremonies and rituals.

What Does It Mean When Lightning Strikes Near You?

There are two distinct meanings here. A light side and a shadow side. Depending on the trajectory your life is on at the moment lightning strikes near you. Overall if your life is on a happy path and you are satisfied with where you are going.

The synchronisation sight of lightning revealing its power is a strong message. An era is ending, acknowledge the wholeness of your life and your hard work and feel content about the energies expended. Now opens new fresh exciting doors of change expansion and spiritual purpose. It’s a time to create something new with all you have learnt.

On the shadow side, if life is directionless and you’re not achieving what you thought you would. Lightning striking close to you offers a path. A way. A clearing of obstacles to allow forward movement.

A true blessing meant to spark light your awe for life and all it represents. To take on a new fresh approach to discard the old ways as they are not working for you. Time to reinvent yourself including your morals and principles. This will help you gain the spiritual wealth you so need. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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