Soul Retrieval Meaning

soul retrieval meaning
Soul Retrieval definition

Everything in existence has a pattern on which it is formed.  Some people call this the soul.  When we hear the term ‘soul retrieval” we immediately think of the shamans and their witch doctor methods of bells, whistles, herbs and drums who work their magic to gather up the fragmented aspects of our soul.

Soul Retrieval Meaning

Psychologically we all suffer from soul loss as a part of the numbness that has come to be considered normal these days.  It’s not. Diseases like depression, (which has reached epidemic proportions), addictions, stress disorders, attention loss, and self-worth issues.

Are all crippling us and blinding us from experiencing the life, we were born to live. We find ourselves searching for something really juicy to feed our soul on but don’t quite know where to find it.

Soul Retrieval Definition

When a shaman travels on a journey into the underworld, assisted by his spirit animal guide, they are really travelling into the dark recesses of our subconscious mind which are best communicated through symbols and images identified as archetypes.

The animists of our past recognized that plants and animals carried very specific qualities that could assist us in our healing process. They made it a practice to communicate with the souls of these living creatures and to deepen their connection with nature. It’s generally acknowledged for example, that the snake represents our sexuality and the rising of kundalini.

Wolf medicine is that of the teacher, Panther of hidden mysteries, deer bring us unconditional love and so on.  (For in-depth information on this, please refer to the articles in this magazine on the magic of spirit animals and the Ogham.) Calling on these energies aligns us with the frequency we need for a specific injury and usually, the Shaman knows which power animal to call on in any given session.

Soul Retrieval Benefits

Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual journey. By travelling into the deeper reaches of the other world and to the inner world of our psyche we are transformed back to who we really are.

It is often experienced as the return of a long-lost light, where we heal our inner self and restore it to its full richness. It lifts the pain of psychological traumas and fixes the wiring that has gone a little haywire due to some kind of trauma or event in our past, from which we have formed a false belief system.

This is achieved by accessing the full spectrum of consciousness and entering an altered state. Imagination reaches towards the objective of other world and little by little the universe opens up and the Awen (life force) flashes – reaching out to us.

From this space, it is possible for the Shaman to affect healing by becoming a medium between energy and form and locating the source of the wound.  To the trained eye, impediments are visible in a person’s auric field and these patterns can be eliminated or altered, or as the shamans say, the fragments of the soul can be retrieved.

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