Rosemary Spiritual Meaning

Rosemary Spiritual Meaning
Rosemary Spiritual Meaning

Rosemary’s spiritual meaning. Rosemary, reputed to be one of the first herbs used for culinary, medicinal, therapeutic, and magickal purposes, is still widely used throughout the world today.

Whether you use it to flavour your food or have skincare and household products containing Rosemary, or if you wear a sprig to help you remember or be remembered, bear in mind that there are many uses for this wonderful, aromatic plant that has a rich and colourful history steeped in folklore.

About rosemary. A shrubby evergreen bush, native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary is now cultivated worldwide. It can grow up to 2 meters high and has lush green, needle-shaped leaves and when flowering has pale blue flowers.

The whole plant is strongly aromatic. Its Latin name is “dew of the sea.” A Rosemary bush in your garden is a good companion plant for cabbage, beans, sage, and carrots. It helps to keep away moths, bean beetles, and carrot flies.

Rosemary Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

Rosemary’s spiritual meaning. An old adage states that where Rosemary grows, the woman rules, as it was believed that Rosemary would only flourish in a garden where the lady of the house ruled the roost. Rosemary is used as a symbol of love and to bless weddings with fidelity, honesty, longevity, and wisdom. It was also tossed into graves to signify that the departed will always be remembered.

The symbolic meaning of rosemary herb. In its dried form, it may be burned as incense and both fresh and dried rosemary may be made into teas and infusions. Wear a sprig of rosemary or dab a drop of 100% pure essential oil behind your ears if you wish to make a lasting impression or when studying for exams to assist you to remember what you need to know.

Gender: Masculine
Planet Association: Sun
Element: Fire
Deity Association: Aphrodite/Venus
Tarot: Strength

Rosemary together with White Sage creates the perfect smudge to purify a space, particularly for ritual and spellcraft work. Gift a Rosemary bush as a symbol of friendship and as a pledge that you will always remember them and they will always remember you. And for the Green Witch,

Rosemary Oil can be used as a substitute for Frankincense. Use a mortar and pestle to grind together Rosemary leaves and Juniper Berries to create incense to burn in sick rooms. This aids healing repels negative energy and cleanses the room.

Rosemary For Sleep

Place three sprigs of Rosemary beneath your pillow to help you to remember your dreams, protect against nightmares, and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Rosemary By Your Front Door

Create a garland using fresh Rosemary sprigs to hang near the entrance of your home to protect from negative energies, to keep thieves away, and/or to keep your partner faithful.

Rosemary Spiritual Bath

Place Rosemary leaves into a spell bag made of muslin and places them in your bath for cleansing, blessing, and purification. These spell bags can also be used to cleanse your hands before ritual work. Add vanilla and lavender to aid in the meditative relaxation process.

Rosemary Health Benefits

Rosemary plant drank as a tea can enhance memory and remembrance as it stimulates the memory centres of the brain. Rosemary aromatherapy uses include acne, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, greasy hair, and insect repellent. Rosemary is also extensively used in the commercial production of soaps, detergents, cosmetics, household products, and perfumes.

Rosemary essential oil is relatively inexpensive to produce and purchase, however, it should be noted that the cheaper oils are usually of much inferior quality and when used for healing, a 100% pure therapeutic grade is best. © Sentient Metaphysics

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