Tree Of Life Poem

Tree of life poem
Tree of life poem

Tree Of Life Poem

And the levels all encompass worlds of magic and of glee
In the visions, you embellish on the path
There are doorways you must enter which are privy to a few
And the paths are straight and narrow and they number twenty-two

And the planets in the heavens play their part in the dance
For the ones who choose this journey take the chance
For the underlying message of the secrets, they behold
Will be given to the traveller, as the journey will unfold

But with trust, you must embrace it; with true wisdom in your heart
Or the pillars will divide the unbeliever still apart.
And the pillars of the temple stand together in black and white
And are balanced in the centre as you journey through the night
And the Sun and  Moon are shining on the Earth from up above
To reveal the pure essence of their love

There’s a geometric rhythm as it spirals through the prism
And the pattern is repeated all around
As it spins in its dimension through the worlds of pure intention
To connect opposing forces with the sound
There’s a stop about to happen!
So release that useless Wrapping

And discard the many burdens that you carry
For the love that is within you will abound
And must continue for the Godhead and the Shekinah to marry

Wild and free was your beginning
And the fight you must be winning
Is reclaiming the balance of The Tree
For the love, that’s there to conquer are the sweets of Billy Wonka
And the sharing between you and between me
There’s an underlying rhythm in the honouring of love

And it lives in this dimension from below and from above
And it travels like a serpent between pillars made of stone
Weaving in and out of branches that can thrill you to the bone!

And the kundalini rises in the middle of the weave
Like a lightning bolt, it flashes and illuminates the leaves
And it blinds the ones who see it as an element of need
And the pillars turn to ashes if they’re focused on greed

Tantra sees the centre line as where the images define
The knowledge with a sharpened sight upon the middle path
Of balance filled with grace and love combined
with essence from above in the co-creation of this
the world embraced within our hearts

But without the hall of mirrors and the objects they reflect
There is nothing to perceive or to believe to detect
It is just one small distraction from the spark within the star
It’s a lesson of avoidance of the One we know you are

The Tree has been designed you see with geometric prisms
The diamond at the centre of all nature’s basic rhythms
The crystal we’re all searching for is there if you detect it
In everything the world abounds in objects, that reflect it

The myriad of rainbows intercepting through the circuits
Ignited by the spark of light within the central column
And floating debris whirling by in colours, shapes, and sizes
Projected through the halls of time and basic compromises

A walk between the columns made of marble tall and solid
Reaching high into the branches and back down amongst the squalid
So there’s the pattern in the tree, within the one within it

Of rhythms through the galaxies of where do I begin it?
Eclipsing lights of the Sun and Moon are blinding in their power
Of unifying liquid light embracing in this hour
Whirling through the endless spirals shooting flames of fire
Silhouetted by the Goddess – To eliminate the liar!

A journey through the halls of time, an enterprising travel!
Through worlds of insight in the night
The silent taking of the rite. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

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