Triple Spiral Meaning The Triskelion

Triskelion Spiritual Meaning
Triskelion Spiritual Meaning

An ancient symbol of the ebb of flow and the continuous movement of the universe. A popular stunning and incredibly soothing tranquil symbol. A pleasure for the senses, not just the eyes.

Evoking mysticism mystery intrigue and a spiritual knowing of change are always present. And we are to adapt to that change as it arises. Fighting change and movement in one’s own personal life leads to misadventure, ill health, stagnation, and most of all a closed rigid soul.

Triple Spiral Meaning

The Celtic triple spiral meaning or triskele symbolism is sometimes called the spiral of life. Discovered in the Newgrange site the spiral (or “tri-spiral”) design is engraved on the stone in front of the entrance and represents one of the most famous Irish Megalithic scribings.

The triskelion is an ancient magical symbol for many a culture. Most consider the symbol as a Celtic design, it actually appeared in Ireland over 2,500 years prior to the arrival of the Celts.  There is no definitive explanation of the meaning of the spiral.  The symbol has universal significance – it is found throughout history and all over the world.

Triskelion Meaning

The Celts viewed the Triskelion’s meaning as telling a complex tale of motion, movement, and a journey through life in order to reach the spirituality of pure understanding or enlightenment. The Celts believed in three worlds the triskelion meaning is a representation of these three worlds.

The Celestial World, the Mortal World, and the Otherworld. In the Celestial World, the sun, moon, wind, and water exist with other unseen physical energies. The mortal world consists of humans, plants, and animals. The Otherworld is the home of the gods, goddesses, and spirits. © Psychic medium Ian Scott.

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