Yin Yang Meaning

Yin Yang Spiritual Meaning
Yin Yang Spiritual Meaning

The yin-yang symbol is a popular one, known all over the world. But when you ask people what the yin yang means, well let’s say there are some interesting answers. Some said it stands for town and country, I believe this is or was a clothing brand.

Others said it means luck and prosperity or lucky bamboo. And some said it means the opposites, the opposite of things such as salt and pepper, moon and sun. None of these is completely correct.

As I started asking I began giggling at the unusual answers. And after a while, I developed a sadness, for the true meaning of yin yang has been lost in hypermarketing. The ancient Chinese symbol and its concept of dualism just like other symbols have been taken by groups and communities.

Turning them into something they are not, to suit the purposes of those using them. One popular example is the swastika a spiritual symbol used by Buddhism and Indian cultures with symbolism as the footprints of Buddha.

Yin Yang Meaning

Traditionally yin is the female aspect, the negative passive force in nature, that which is hidden. Yang is the male attribute representing the positive active force in nature that is overtly open. These are the perfect representations of the large spaces within the yin-yang symbol which is black and white. Opposing shades.

Now focus your attention on the white dot within the black space and the black dot within the white space. These two dots hold the secret to the yin-yang principle of spiritual alignment. The white space is extreme as is the black space. To be completely living within one of these spaces is destructive.

For too much white blinds you of others and too much dark blinds you of others. Middle ground or a grey area should always be established in one’s thoughts and actions and spiritual dealings. There is always a grey area. This is the true meaning of the yin and yang symbols.

There is a small piece of male in every female
And a small piece of female in every male
There is a small piece of heaven in any darkness
And a small piece of hell in any light

Promoting diversity understanding compassion and accepting all others is the message behind the yin and yang. These principles may be carried forward into every part of our lives. Spiritually balancing the negative from the positive and relinquishing hate and keeping love at a safe level.

Yin yang’s meaning is not hatred and love, the opposite thing. It is how we can incorporate a small piece or dot of others’ thoughts and beliefs and understand them enough to enhance our own lives.

A reminder never to take extremes in life and always understands there are many sides to a circle and a grey area of thinking is always needed. In this way, creation of equality is born. © from a 17th-century, Zen master and spirit guide Was Su San as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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