Shooting Star Symbolism

Shooting Star Symbolism
Shooting Star Symbolism

A shooting star is sometimes called a falling star. The stars are actually space rock, smaller fragments of a much larger meteor. Crashing through the earth’s atmosphere and bringing with it a myriad of cosmic energy from all over the universe.

These alien particles harness within them, knowledge, star travel memory and powers from other galaxies. On occasion, the space rock miraculously lives and lands on the earth’s surface. These are called meteorites. Which contains all that is said above.

But in a form that powers the very ground, it lands on. Spiritually spreading its cosmic energy through the earth’s ground. This is how the people and earth grow, learn and become more spiritual. Some call it ascension or awakening.

Shooting Star Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a shooting star. The creation of the divine spark within. The ignition needed to reach ascension. There are three things needed to ascend the grind of the dark. Love, empathy and compassion. This fire, made of three combines and leads to sentient psychic perception and universal understanding. Which in turn leads to the ascension of the human race.

When a shower of shooting stars moves over a certain region or country. It is a sign that reminds us as a collective that breeding psychopaths for soldiers of war to keep the peace is ludicrous. We only end up with entire countries’ populations being psychopathic. The shooting star says breed empaths my dear humans and through love, peace will be found.

What Does Seeing A Shooting Star Symbolise?

Seeing a shooting star alone is significant. Seeing a shooting star with others is also an omen. It’s the equivalent of a phone call from the magic of the universe. Asking you to find your spiritual purpose by searching the distant skies for angels and answers.

Some of us never find our real purpose in life and some are lucky enough to know it from a child. Your life takes on luck purpose and thrill. Celebrate being alive to search your soul. When someone else is involved in seeing the shooting star it augers you will be advancing in a group or collective.

When this moment occurs take control of your life as it is now. Leave the past behind you. Concentrate on the future by being omnipresent in the here and now. Search for your purpose knowing you’ve been asked to take on a particular challenge from the universal gods of awareness. Which leads to your monumental spiritual growth. ¬© Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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