Hagalaz Rune Stone Meaning

Hagalaz Rune Stone Meaning
Hagalaz Rune Stone Meaning

The ninth runestone and first rune in Hagalls Aett (eight). A powerful force of change and resurrection. Sweeping winds change the course of grass paths forever. Finding a new way, due to change empowers someone to create. A sudden change of plans forced great interruption.

Hagalaz Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings, Hagalaz. Connections with the hawthorn tree and yew tree. Hagalaz deals with bad habits or recurring patterns of self-damaging behaviour. Hagalaz brings light to the dark corners of ourselves, the things we put away and do not let out or others see. Surfacing it allows for healing and understanding and eventually enlightenment.

If not surfaced acknowledged and dealt with it will lead to ill health and sickness. On the other hand, breaking a self-destructive pattern in your life frees us from sickness leading to spiritual health.

Phonetic: H – Hail
God: Heimdall Ice Guardian
Keywords: Hail
Symbolic Meaning: Forces of nature
Element: Spirit or Metal 5th element
Health: Superficial wounds
Polarity: Feminine

Hagalaz has associations with the tarot card the Tower. Indicative of cataclysmic change causing destruction and ruin. These storms only serve to clear a new path for us for which to walk upon. A new more prosperous path one that is better suited to our spiritual needs. Through our hardships, the strength of character prevails. An experienced spiritual warrior.

Magical Uses Of Hagalaz Rune

Carved into candles and smudging bowls adds to the power to clear and cleanse. Making tea with the rune Hagalaz carved into your teapot and teacup, enlightens your potion with detoxifying effects, to clean out the poison. Meditate on the Halalaz rune symbol to enhance empathy and compassion. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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