St John’s Wort Spiritual Meaning Demon Chaser


Used medicinally and metaphysically for over 2500 years Saint John’s Wort (hypericum perforatum) is earth magic at its best. Other names for this herb are Tipton’s Weed, devil’s Scourge, the grace of God, witches’ Herb, demon chaser and Touch and Heal. In ancient Greece, the medicine man Hippocrates prescribed it to purify and cleanse the body of evil spirits.

St John’s Wort Spiritual Meaning

Through long periods of depression and anxiety, those negative thoughts build up to toxic levels. Opening ourselves to demons, ghosts who refuse to pass through the light. Rather choosing to mingle and cause chaos with the living.  St John’s wort will not only help with the ridding of clingy vampire ghosts, but it will also ignite your brain fire.

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Star Sign: Leo
Totem Animal: Dolphin

The flower blooms around the summer solstice June 21 – 22nd making it a favourite summer fire festival. Burning the leaves and stems of Saint John’s Wort in an open fire clears the land of any evil spirits or leftover residual negative energy. It also gets its name from the early Christians as the plant blooms around June 24th St John’s birthday.

St John’s Wort Medicinal Benefits

Some of the medicinal benefits of St Johns wort flowers are Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, burn healing, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory remedy, diuretic, headache, migraine, sedative, cardiotonic, may reduce cholesterol levels.

St John’s wort has the ability to target all four neurotransmitters responsible for mood regulation. Serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid. Treating anxiety and depression with miraculous results.

Metaphysical Uses Wicca

Hungover doorways windows and entrances to protect against evil spirits. Grown in the front yard of a dwelling protects the occupants from incoming negative energy from neighbours etc.

Saint John’s Wort is a powerful purifier and may be used as a (smudge to cleanse with smoke) similar to white sage. The smoke cleanses the air and purifies the dwelling of harmful ghosts and trapped negative energies from previous dwellers.

Placed under your pillow in a breathable sachet will ward off nightmares and night spirits. Medieval priests used St Johns Wort for exorcisms. To chase out the demons possessing people banishing them from their lives. Enhances confidence and communication when placed in the pocket. Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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