Anxiety Relief Meditation

anxiety relief meditation
Anxiety Relief Meditation

Silence the mind, relax the body, shed the worries, and relieve the tension. Anxiety relief meditation. Find a comfortable place with low light and relative quietness, laying down is the most optimum but if you lack space sitting is fine.

Anxiety Relief Meditation

Before you sit or lay down, we will perform dynamic tensioning of the muscles which help in the body’s relaxation. Dynamic tensioning will help relieve and release knotted muscles and joints. Help calm the mind by relaxing the body’s central nervous system. Will also help one’s focus, attention, and concentration.

Dynamic Tensioning Stress Relief

Dynamic tensioning will help relieve and release knotted muscles and joints. Help calm the mind by relaxing the body’s nervous system. While still standing, squeeze and tighten your fists, your toes, your legs and arms.

Squeeze and tighten all the muscles in your body hold them as firm as you can for the count of 30 seconds. And release slowly to the count of 10 seconds. Repeat this process three times before relaxing and finding a comfortable position from which to meditate. (do not cross arms or legs)

Close the eyes, relax into a comfortable position, point your toes and fingers stretch them out as far as you can, and relax. By keeping the mind busy and focusing on a task it is much easier to stop the random mind chatter of thoughts. Which cloud stillness, calmness, and tranquillity.

Clearing the mind. Focus your attention on the breath, each time you exhale relax a little more. Feel your body sink with each outward breath. Feel the slight wind your breath creates as it passes your upper lip.

On each exhale count down from 10 to one. Each time sink further into your surroundings feeling comfortable and relaxed. The closer you get to number one the more relaxed you feel. Put to one side all other thoughts. Focusing only on the count of your breath.

Clearing The Mind

Take a moment now to enjoy feeling totally relaxed. Keeping the mind free and still. Imagine now a still crystal clear lake on a warm summer morning. The water is calm without movement.

Imagine now in your mind’s eye that each thought crossing your mind throws a small pebble into the lake disturbing its peace and tranquillity. Let your thoughts or worries drift through the water as ripples. Eventually reaching the bank and dissipating into the clear lake once again.

Anything that is bothering you, any worries you may have, any emotional disturbance you feel, starts with a thought. Allow these thoughts. But don’t allow them to linger they are but a stone in the water. Let them sink create ripples and leave. Let them go.

Continue in the vision of thoughts as pebbles enter the lake and create ripples of disturbance for you to watch drift away. Cue meditation music, an ideal time is around 20 minutes for beginners.

The idea here is after a while the lake sits still with no ripples of thoughts disturbing its peace. Reaching this peaceful state of mind may take many years. But don’t stop practising, with each abundance of anxiety relief meditation you treat your soul to the greater enlightenment. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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