Witch Hazel Symbolism

witch hazel symbolism
witch hazel tree

Witch Hazel Symbolism

Witch Hazel symbolism for protection. Acting as a talisman naturally just a small branch kept in the pocket even works. A true symbol of protection Witch Hazel repels negative energy clearing the way for positive outcomes. If harm is sent your way by another Witch Hazel deflects and reflects the negative thoughts back at the person who is sending them.

Why is Witch Hazel called that? An Old English word for “witch,” is wice, meaning “pliable,”  Another way in which Witch Hazel is flexible is the seeds are used to divine, to tell the future. Similar to the reading of the bones.

Foretelling such things as the state of health wealth love and romance. Witch Hazel has an uncanny knack for revealing the truth. Swaying people toward sharing their innermost feelings without inhibitions or fear of consequence. Placed in a meeting ensures an honest discussion.

Witch Hazel Spiritual Meaning

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) has been sought after throughout history by shamans seers and those who practice witchcraft. For its magical ability to gather energy from the spellcaster. Doubling in power and boosting the launch of the spell in the right direction. Witch Hazel crafts the perfect wand and makes the most potent divining rod. A forked branch of the Witch Hazel is used for water divining. Locating water underground.

A bonfire of Witch Hazel will cleanse and purify a property and belongings. The smoke from Witch Hazel is white and dense and all releasing chasing away benevolent spirits. Similar to white sage in its ability to rid the aura of negative and unwanted energy. Just on a grander scale protecting and cleansing an entire suburb, property or house.

Witch Hazel – Masculine – Feminine
Planet- Sun – Moon
Element – Fire – Water

Witch Hazel holds onto and locks information inside its very structure. Revealing the past present and future. So the branches of Witch Hazel may be scanned and read by a psychic using psychometry.  Allowing the seer to share in its knowledge of all is seen in its lifetime.

Making psychic detective work a little easier indeed. Witch Hazel symbolism talks about communicating with a subtle psychic vibration. Those who are adept at earth magic may hear him share his secrets. Witch Hazel symbolism is steeped in magic and mystery. Witch doctors from all parts of the earth hold the Witch Hazel in great esteem. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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