White Rose Spiritual Meaning

white rose meaning
White Rose Symbolism

The white rose meaning encompasses the phrase the secret language of flowers. Of all the different coloured roses the white rose would have to be the most meaningful. A white rose conveys a message of a lover’s coded messages.

What does a white rose mean spiritually? White rose meaning and symbolism. The spiritual moral compass. The white rose is a symbol of virtue, innocence trust and love. White roses are the traditional wedding flower. Sincerity and purity harness the qualities of a white rose. Exposing transparency of intent.

Protection and a gathering of like-minded people for a fit course is the power of a white rose. The energy of a white rose is empowering and subtle but carries a strong emotional message. Joining people’s spirits together. Only peace and harmony will satisfy the white roses.

To be given a bunch of white roses 7 or more is a symbol and gesture of good faith at the beginning of a relationship. The gift-giver is saying I believe we have a romantic connection we could work with. Accepting the white roses gives the nod that you feel the same way.

White Rose Spiritual Meaning

The white rose spiritual meaning is the sign of the goddess the moon and all that is feminine. Symbolising the power of the goddess the four elements are seasons and directions. Bringing life to where there was previously none. Activating white light energy and the healing code itself.

Goddess: Aphrodite
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Star Sign: Pisces
Energy: Feminine

Bathing in white roses is said to bring to you your twin flame. To attract a soul mate carry petals of the white rose in your pocket or bag when out and about. Using perfume made from white roses dowses you in blissful magneticness. Tainting your aura with a love spell. Bringing forth those you desire.

Single White Rose Meaning

A single white rose meaning is that of conviction. A marriage or engagement proposal. The person is asking you if he or she is worthy enough to take your hand. Also offering trust warmth compassion understanding and a will to make you happy. Acceptance of the single white rose is considered an honour and taken seriously.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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