Emotional Healing Meditation The Pebble

Guided Meditation The Pebble
Emotional Healing Meditation

This written meditation is designed to heal one with a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself of negative energies of the present too. There is a list of tools you will need as this written meditation relies on ritual.

Meditation Tools Needed
A clear glass bowl, tea light candle,
a small pebble or rock, white sage (optional)
Rain Water.

The emotional healing meditation begins here, gathering the tools and starting the process of meditation activates and prepares the mind, reaches our body and touches our soul. First of all, let’s take a little walk outside to find our pebble. After our tools are collected and all is in place including the mind, body and spirit we will meditate.

Emotional Healing Meditation “The Pebble”

This meditation must be performed alone and without disturbance. The collecting of the pebble is most important! find a small creek or beach, take a little walk and hunt for a special pebble.

A pebble you’re attracted to by its shape size and colour. As you’re hunting for the pebble start to think about the emotional scars you have and relive the times that haunt you. Feel the hurt while you search for your Pebble.

If you are overcome with emotion as you go through this process. Don’t let it take away your focus, just relax and remember why you’re doing this for healing, part of healing is to gather the energy.

With this emotional healing meditation, we are going to gather as much pain and hurt as we possibly can muster and place it all into the pebble. Find the pebble that will accomplish this for you, may your journey be peaceful with intuition as your guide.

On the walk back home with your pebble in your pocket, keep going through what upsets you and ask the pebble to absorb it for you. If you feel overwhelmed with emotion take out the pebble from your pocket clasp it between both hands and repeat the visualisation of the Pebble absorbing your pain and hurt. Don’t worry, we will cleanse the pebble, in the end, it won’t be harmed.

This process may take longer than just the walk home. Please at this point if you have to sit with the pebble every night for a week until this is felt then do so. But without the real pain and hurt conjured the pebble cannot do its job and the meditation release will fail. Allow yourself to feel the pain and allow yourself this chance to heal. Healing is what you need.

Meditation “Before We Begin”

Place your glass bowl 3/4 full of rainwater on a small table close to where you’re about to meditate, light a small amount of white sage, light your candle and place it on top of the water (see picture above).

Hold your pebble in the palms of your hands and relive the past one more time if you shed tears to allow them to drip onto the rock. With the power of the mind and the earth that makes the pebble and the fire that burns away bad dreams. Place the pebble into the water gently and release all the hurt and pain into the water with it.

Lay down, and find a silent, comfortable position. Close your eyes you should be a little tired from your walk. Allow your body to sink into the mattress and rest your head. Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth, do this three times.

Relax for a few minutes and think of nothing except how relaxed you feel. If you find this difficult to visualise the colour blue imagine it surrounding your entire body. The colour blue will help you relax and drift into meditation.

Calmly and softly allow your mind to wander to what haunts you, the emotional energy you felt before, this time don’t allow it to be a part of you or enter you. Place it into the pebble again and again. Continue softly thinking of the hurt again when the emotion comes in repeat this process.

Keep repeating this process until you fall asleep. When you awake take the pebble from the water and place it back in your pocket. Dispose of the water correctly this water is now tarnished and negative and needs to be thrown away. Don’t put it on your plants it will kill them, place the water down the drain of the kitchen sink.

Journey back to where you found your pebble and return it from whence it comes. Thank it for its healing and cooperation in your spiritual journey and release it back into nature, ALONG WITH ALL YOUR TROUBLES YOU HAD BEFORE, LEAVE THEM THERE WITH THE PEBBLE AS YOU WALK AWAY. Repeat this meditation over and over again if you have to, but I find three times does the trick to relieve us of the deepest of troubles. Many blessings © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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