Oak Knowers Quest Music

oak knowers
Summon The Oak Knowers

The Oak Knowers Quest Music

The oak knowers are the meaning of the word druid, the ancient ones who communicated with trees for guidance and wisdom. The oak tree shares its visions of the past, present, and future with those who are capable and worthy. Out of the dark dreamland to create peace and understanding.

A Quest Of Spiritual Communication

Nature’s Oracle and The Amulet of Protection symbol (above) are a combination of two Ogham letters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. Elder (letter R / Ruis – element water) and Holly (letter T / Tinne – element fire).

In the ancient druid tongue, these two etchings of Elder and Holly provide a sophisticated form of communication between community members. Combined Ogham’s letters tell a story and relay important information.

Combined together with the letters Elder on top and Holly below tells us it is a gathering or meeting. By the joining together of two letters only. Straight away we know it’s a gathering of peace and good news that which we thrive on.

We know this because water the element for the elder tree sits above the first letter. Holly is below and has the element of fire. Water puts out the fire. Saying no harm, come in peace and drink of spiritual waters.

The second piece of information found in the location Elder is the first letter determining a central point in this case not a single Elder tree, but a grove of Elder trees. Holly below has a lesser meaning in the second letter. In this example one or two Holly trees.

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The third piece of information found is time. A moment in time when the water feels the beginning of the fire. The frost of water on the grass is slowly evaporating with the fire of the sun. The time is dawn.

Fusing the triad of information together, the message reads. Meet you for a peaceful gathering of spiritual water. Deep in the woods where Holly touches the Elder Grove at the next dawn.

Which is my website Sentient Metaphysics, welcome your quest is completed. Drink the spiritual waters, indulge in metaphysical magic and use the magazine as your book of shadows. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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