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Defining wealth is the most important aspect of a healthy positive attitude towards money. If we find ourselves in financial difficulty, the usual reaction is to worry and maybe panic. This actually accentuates the problem, thinking negatively and worrying will call in more of this type of energy. Creating a downward spiral of doubt and depression.

Candle Magik For Wealth

Let’s define wealth, many of us believe wealth is having a lot of money. And to a point it is, but real wealth is simply abundance. If we too are wealthy in the abundance of happiness, contentment in all other areas of our life will follow.

This is the power of positive thinking. A wealthy person is one who is content with themselves and their decisions. Creating happiness and love that warms their soul. Finding happiness before you have all you think you need in life to be happy, is the quest.

Being happy and positive is a state of mind and has nothing to do with great amounts of money or material objects. Once this is realized and you place your accumulations in the love of yourself and others, wealth follows.

The happiness state of mind will call in positive energies around you and all become positive, including your finances. It is very important to remember we create every aspect of our lives by our thought patterns. No action can ever be taken without first the thought entering the mind. Take careful note of your thoughts, are they positive or negative?

A Healthy Wealthy Mind

With this universal law in mind, let’s explore how we can change our attitude towards wealth and what it means to us. Redirecting the mind to think positive is difficult, especially if you have been negative and worrying for some time. The candle magic ritual below will help us shape our thoughts and give positive hopeful energy to our soul. Creating a positive mindset. I suggest you explore the deepest corners of yourself through meditation to truly understand money is not needed to find happiness. Being happy with nothing will lead you to abundance.

Candle Wealth Spell And Ritual

Tools Needed

  • One blue candle
  • One black candle
  • One metallic gold candle
  • Small knife for carving

The candle magic colours blue and black used here in this ritual are taken from feng shui. And are the wealth colours according to this discipline?

The method of candle magic

Finding the wealth corner of your home: Stand in your front doorway facing the inside of your home. Find the far left-hand corner, if it is a two-story home concentrate on the ground floor. Place a small table and the blue and black candles (element water) alongside each other as closest as you can get to the left-hand corner of your home.

ogham spindle

Scribe the candle with the magical symbol spindle from the ancient Celtic alphabet the Ogham. Empowering the candle with the qualities and magical presence of the spindle-tree. The intensity and power level of the candle magick is heightened by the one who scribes the letter into the candle. One with psychic energy or raised levels of intuition will feel the energy and power as the scribe.

At the front door place the gold candle ( element fire), again it is important to raise the candle off the ground, use a small table or stand. Face the inscription on the candle toward the inside of the home. Every evening as the sun goes down, light the candles but not just with your hands and a lighter.

Prepare the mind to take five minutes to drift off into a trance. Train the mind to have only positive thoughts towards whatever it is that is bothering you or any sector in your life you need enhancing. If a negative thought arises clear the mind and replaces it with the exact opposite positive thought. When you’re ready to light the candles, hold this train of thought for a couple of hours and blow out the candles. Repeat this process for seven evenings, after that repeat when you feel the need to.

There are many ways to use candles and their colours for wealth. The reason blue and black are used is because these colours have the element of water attached to them. Water is abundant as we all know. Other spiritual meanings for the blue candle are peace, harmony, protection, and healing. Other meanings for the black candle are, protection, power, strength and banishment rituals ( In this case the banishment of negative energies).

Gold is associated with the sun and fire, a balance of water and fire creates an energy of all kinds. Think of a burning piece of wood floating down the river. Other metaphysical meanings for the gold candle are fortune, understanding, divination, higher consciousness, and financial gain. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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