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Trance Music Enlightenment

Spiritual new age music. Trance music enlightenment free to download mp 3,
drift away into the world of spirit. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

trance meditation
trance meditation

Trance Music Enlightenment

This meditation music track was designed to awaken the 3rd eye and prepare us for the astral realm. Lay comfortably where you will not be disturbed. Breathe in deeply through the nose all the air you can, then exhale out of the mouth all the air you possibly can.

To download this free MP3 meditation music, click on the audio player below, the player will load, click the 3 vertical dots, click the download icon.


Do this three times before playing the track. When the track is finished lay still staying in this vibration. If you happen to fall asleep, don’t worry because this is the state necessary for astral travel. To be conscious of your astral travels is the ultimate goal in the practice of meditation. This music will help in drifting you off into a trance, where you may reach your higher self. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott Watch YouTube video

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