Al Pherg Fixed Star Meaning

Al Pherg Fixed Star Meaning
Al Pherg Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Al Pherg (Head of Typhon) is situated in the constellation Pisces, 294 light-years from Earth. A 3.6 magnitude bright giant star, situated in the cord near the tail of the Northern Fish. Explosive congruent energy of the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

Fixed Stars Al Pherg Meaning

A focus on health is called into play with Al Pherg. Along with a cautious approach to money. Watching your weight and making sure your body gets plenty of movement through exercise is of utmost importance. To maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. This a slight warning that if not taken care of health issues will turn serious. Leading to fatal circumstances.

This is a challenging and incredibly influential fixed star. Al Pherg encapsulates the drive for wealth through any means possible. But this star has a curse to deliver misfortune wherever possible. When found in a natal chart, these people are predestined for a life of dishonesty and mistrust. Due to their own lack of moral and spiritual character.

Although this fixed star has a mainly negative influence it can on occasion bring great wealth. It is a testing star from the angels. If you’re pure of heart and display spiritual morals towards your fellow man, plants and animals. You are rewarded, as this star predicts the change from a young soul to a mature soul of the universe.

When appearing in an astrology chart for a full moon. Al Pherg fixed star releases steady and determined energy which promises a successful outcome for any matter that has recently been undertaken.

But be aware that there are limitations to this energy, so attempt only what is safe and sound at this moment in time… practice a calm watchfulness and allow the universe to work its magic. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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