Money Tree Magic

The Money Tree Magic Spell. Use the power of nature to change your mindset
and create wealth and abundance in your life. A spiritual practice.

Money Tree Magic Spell
The Money Tree Magick Spell

Money Tree Magic Spell

Is good luck a simple matter of chance? or is it destiny?

Masterful magicians, witches and wizards and others of the craft create their own luck, The intentions of one’s desires may be manifested through channelling our thoughts emotional reactions and the power of will. Consciously creating our outside world and what it has to offer us.

The money tree magic spell is based on growing a tree from a seed. The tree you grow represents wealth and prosperity in your life. As the seed germinates and catches its first breath of sunlight, so too does your finances. Directly connect the growth of the seed to the money in your wallet.

Money Spell Magick

First, start with your intentions what are you to do with an abundance of money? Is it for your highest good and does it help others?

Once this is established remember to make it permanent. Meaning, don’t forget to create your intentions in such a way that it is for a lifetime, not just a moment in time of good luck. Choose your tree is the next important step.

I prefer to use one of the sacred trees from the Ogham alphabet. One of my favourites is the elm tree or yew tree, although I must admit finding seeds of the correct variety proved a little difficult. Some prefer to use money plants such as parsley, catnip, mint, and holy basil. (Study the Ogham here > and you’ll find there is a sacred tree for your month of birth.)

But truly this is not that important, because the magick is in growing the plant or tree. I use a tree because most trees outlive humans. Whereas plants and herbs seem to have a lifetime shorter than most and are harder to keep healthy from bugs and pests. (companion planting >) However, you can plant these at the base of the tree.

Method Of Magick

Place a citrine crystal along with a clear quartz crystal in the bottom of a plant pot. But not just any old plastic pot. Find a special decorative plant pot. Green is the money colour traditionally used in witchcraft as it represents growth. I use the feng shui colours of wealth and abundance blue and black. (use the links to learn about the crystals and colours you are using in your spell)

Fill with rich soil and nutrients to ensure healthy growth from the start. Now, remember this seed that is to become a plant and eventually a tree is your money. Look after that tree just as much as you want to see money in your wallet.

As the tree grows, love it, care for it, daily admire its beauty and magic. And transfer those feelings directly to your finances, do this continually until you have a mature tree. You’ll find by that time, your wallet is full, your new business ventures and projects are heading skyward and you’ve created abundance. – Author © from psychic medium Ian Scott

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