Minkar Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star minkar

A giant orange fixed star with a magnitude of 3.2 and a spectral class of K3. Minkar is (Nostril) positioned on the neck of the constellation Corvis (Raven), 318 light-years from Earth. Minkar fixed star is of similar nature to the planet Neptune.

Fixed Star Minkar Meaning

Tapping into the subconscious with intentions to understand why a negative behaviour keeps playing out. Minkar star seeks to unravel the mind and its mysteries. In a plea to comprehend which neurons in the brain do not fire. A metaphysical and scientific approach to healing. The medicinal benefits of particular foods and a Mediterranean diet play a part in the recovery of lost brain electricity.

In a natal chart, the fixed star Minkar accentuates the powers of creativity. Offering one the ability to follow an artistic career with success. This same energy develops a deep intuition, psychic energy and an instinctive passion for spiritual healing. They will be sensitive with high emotional intelligence.

The shadow side of Minkar fixed star, meaning if you refuse to stay positive in life. This star will strike with anxiety and depression which will be difficult to break free from. The message here is to continue to learn no matter your age. Keeping the brain sharp and without ticks adds prosperous energy to this wicked star.

When prominent on a full moon. This crafty and patient star seeks to ruthlessly extract knowledge – knowledge found deep within the natural world… and deep within the collective mind. Basic instinct and higher thought come face-to-face as this hungry and aggressive energy demands answers.  Be aware that there will be a tendency towards selfishness and greed, so take the time to look at your own spiritual-moral compass… and strive for modesty, humility, and gratitude. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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