Hoedus Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star hoedus meaning
Astrology Hoedus Fixed Star

The fixed star Hoedus meaning (“Kid Goats”) is situated in the star constellation ζ Zeta (“the Charioteer”) approximately 40 light-years from Earth. At a magnitude of 3.8 and a spectral class KB at 18° Gemini. Mars and Mercury are congruent energies to Hoedus. And therefore display similar qualities. The correct astronomical name for this star, eta, is Haedi 11.

Fixed Star Hoedus Meaning

A time of unpredictability and no certain outcomes. A waiting period is warranted before any action is taken. You may be tempted to take shortcuts but these will ultimately pay no dividends.

This calm stagnant energy allows for a better future. By giving time when it is needed. Sometimes a pause can bring momentum with giant leaps forward to achieving your goals.

If this star is showing in your natal chart regardless of position, it has a strong influence. It is in essence a metaphysical teacher, alerting one to the unseen and unimagined.

Creativity inspiration and aspiration are on their way, after a period of dullness. The spiritual message is to allow your soul to dance once again to the rhythms of the universal flow. Business projects and new partnerships lead your focus in the near future.

Prominent on a full moon this orange star shines light and good fortune for those who are prepared to make massive changes in their lives. Entering a new realm of activities may be inherently disturbing during this time.

But by maintaining self-confidence and independence, problems can be solved with some degree of objectivity… which will ultimately lead to a successful outcome.  Just don’t kid yourself that you understand all that is happening right now.  Stay spiritually physically and mentally connected to oneself. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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