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Fixed Star Hoedus Meaning

The Astrological influences and metaphysical meanings of the fixed star
Hoedus for divination of the charts. by astrologer Crystal Gaze.

fixed star Hoedus

Fixed Star Hoedus

The fixed star Hoedus (“Kid Goats”) situated in the constellation Zeta (“the Charioteer”) approximately 40 light-years from Earth. This orange star shines the light and good fortune for those who are prepared to make massive changes in their lives.

Spiritual meanings and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. Entering a new realm of activities may be inherently disturbing during this time, but by maintaining self-confidence and independence, problems can be solved with some degree of objectivity… which will ultimately lead to a successful outcome.  Just don’t kid yourself that you understand all that is happening right now.  Stay connected. © Astrologer Crystal Gaze