Age Of The Soul Reincarnation Is Real

re-incarnation age of the soul
re-incarnation age of the soul

Ever wondered why some people commit insanities against others with little or no remorse? The old saying You can’t judge a book by its cover also rings true with the age of the soul. In spiritual reality, looking at the body will only give you a rough estimate of how old the physical body is. The soul, on the other hand, may have lived 100 lifetimes.

Therefore when you look at that child who displays such wisdom and kindness. It’s not the physical body or mind that enchants you. It is in fact because you’re speaking to an old soul. One who has lived here on earth many times before.

It’s the exact opposite when faced with an older person whose soul is very young. They may be seventy years old but act like a 3-year-old. I’m sure you’ve all come across a similar situation. Please remember that what you see with your eyes is an illusion. The soul who occupies that seventy-year-old body only has a soul which has lived a few lifetimes.

Age Of The Soul

In physical years we mark occasions with birthdays. In the spirit world, there is a similar system. The age of the soul starts with a baby soul, the first handful of lifetimes. Next is the young soul who may live and learn over a period of up to 100 lifetimes. Next is the mature soul, onward is the old soul and further forward again is the king soul.

King souls are not usually found on school house earth. The reason is in my statement. A king soul has advanced enough, learnt the ways of the universe and contributes to its wonder and magic. Therefore does not need to spend any more time in a high school such as Earth. So the next time you see an older person acting like a three-year-old, remember your seeing the age of the soul, not the body.

The Soul Grows

The physical body shows its age plainly for all to see. Youthfulness cannot be denied it is either there or it’s not. The soul does not age as such, it grows. Hence the term spiritual growth. A baby soul may grow into a young soul in one or one hundred lifetimes. The reason for this is we all have free will to do as we, please. Being children of the universe.

But we simply cannot progress with a soul full of bad karma, because of our ways. This is something the baby soul has to learn. It may take only a few lifetimes or… the choice is theirs and theirs alone. So the answer to the question how old is that soul?

Well almost impossible to know, but also clearly visible is the old soul. The soul whose kindness, generosity, love for others and healing of others, combine with their wisdom and it becomes all too clear to see. And trust me you’ll know if you meet a king soul. © as channelled by Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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