Nashira Fixed Star Meaning

Nashira Fixed Star Meaning
Nashira Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Nashira, Gamma Capricorni, is a giant star in the tail of the Sea-Goat, Capricornus Star Constellation. The Fixed star Nashira has a similar energy to Saturn and Jupiter. Nashira’s Saturn influence with Jupiter combines to create a powerful catalyst. Bringing welcome change and good vibrations.

Fixed Star Nashira Meaning

Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The astrology or the fortunate fixed star called Nashira, warm and nurturing energy is released, encouraging trust and faith in the universe.  As the wheel of fortune slowly turns away from disappointment and disillusionment, remain open to all possibilities that foster emotional and spiritual growth.

Don’t fear the changes that must occur and remember that kindness will overcome all obstacles. Most obstacles will provide spiritual lessons to take you further as a developing spiritual being. On the same token, there is a shadow side, these same obstacles may cause grief loss and despair.

If not challenged and taken care of early on in the peace. The message here is not to allow things to be delayed to the point of no return and explosion. If there are things you need to do to heal the past correct the present or perhaps be apologetic for it. The Nashira fixed star prominently in your astrology chart leads the way in this area.

A softening of the soul occurs when Nashira enters your cosmology. Previous faults in your personality become strengths. And frustration with the self is left behind. Slowly becoming a kinder more relaxed individual.  Opening the soul and entering a spiritual phase in your life. One which brings peace, happiness and a stronger sense of love. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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