Markab Fixed Star Meaning

Markab Fixed Star Meaning
Markab Fixed Star Meaning

The restless and flighty fixed star Markab is a white star situated on the wing of the constellation Pegasus the winged horse. Situated 133 light-years from Earth. The fixed star Markab energy is unleashed which seeks release in a “peak experience”. In mythology, Pegasus was born of the blood of Medusa when she was beheaded… 

Chinese astrologers know Alpha Pegasi as 室宿一 (Shì Xiù yī), meaning “the First Star of Encampment.” Markab star forms the Chinese Encampment mansion with its Great Square neighbour Scheat. Encampment is one of the seven mansions of the great Black Tortoise.

Fixed Star Markab Meaning

The fixed star Markab shares its energy with Mercury and Mars, having similar traits. The element of fire plays a role as the defining energy. Rage and loss of emotional control and intelligence. Selfish energy arises to the surface after being amplified recently. A step back is needed in social and business affairs. Proceed with a personality check and a grounding of who you are in the world.

Just maybe you’ve been seeing things in a selfish light without knowing. This enlightenment, of course, is of great spiritual importance. Personal development is on the agenda. There is positive and strong energy to succeed. Finding personal happiness and spiritual wisdom.

This “peak experience” will be followed by inner revelation… however, it would be wise to keep ambition bridled, since judgment at this point in time, could be flawed.  Negotiate any difficulties by rising above them… but don’t overreach your limits.

A time of calm and slow does it is the trick here with the fixed star Markab. Allowing a break from the grind highlights others areas of your life that need attention. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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