Arcturus Fixed Star Meaning

Arcturus Fixed Star Meaning
Arcturus Fixed Star Meaning

Arcturus’ Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The giant golden-red fixed star Arcturus (Guardian of the Bear) is situated on the left knee of the star constellation Bootis (Herdsman). Approximately 36 light-years from Earth. The main star constellation Bootis has a Jupiter-Mars nature and a reputation for succeeding with justice through equal power.

Fixed Star Arcturus Astrology Meaning

The fluctuation of energy shifts of Arcturus releases an excessive amount of occult energy or spiritual energy… cutting through the illusion around us and reminding us that every death is an omen of rebirth. And so the cycle repeats itself. Just as the animal totem bat tells us in her messages.

Arcturus offers protection on a psychic level as well as a physical one. A strong showing of this fixed star in one’s chart has a powerful influence. In connection with Jupiter Arcturus ignites passion, and spiritual wealth leading to ascension.

Arcturus reminds us of the matrix we live in. But also a way to transcend such a system. Through higher consciousness, achieving ownership of your very soul. Instead of allowing the brain to take the lead. Without listening to the spirit. This is a dangerous way to live. Arcturus’ fixed star shows us we must listen to our spirit and allow it to be master over the brain and body.

It prepares the body and mind for self-healing. Far-reaching past episodes of trauma may arise when Arcturus is prominent in your astrology chart. A time of awakening to the spiritual side of yourself.

The soft gentle side that you’ve been hiding from the world, in fear of rejection. Arcturus star brings illuminated light to a personally disturbing dark place. Meditate on its light and power use it as your own personal healing tool. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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