Alphard Fixed Star Meaning

Alphard Fixed Star Meaning
Alphard Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Alphard meaning (the solitary one), is a giant orange star situated in the neck of the constellation Hydra (Watersnake), 177 light years from Earth. At 27° Leo with similar cosmic energy to the planets Saturn and Venus.

Fixed Star Alphard Meaning

Aloofness in love is a burden this star carries. Opening itself to many life and love lessons. Found prominent in a natal chart. These people will struggle with long-term relationships and friendships. Marriage longevity is possible but usually comes later in life. After many lessons are learnt. Personal development will ease some of this complexity in relationships.

A colourful imagination and appreciation of art and storytelling. This is a strong trait of Alphard. Preferring the finer things in life and working hard to obtain them takes up most of the time for the energy of this star.

Due to the explosive nature of Alphard’s sudden changes and major derailments. Add a challenging and somewhat confusing aspect. Riding the ups and downs while staying focused on the future.

Guards against this fixed star causing havoc in your life. The message here is not to let others determine your pathway in life. Finding your path is the way to absorb abundance from this rattling cosmic energy of Alphard star. Don’t be afraid to ride the waves.

Appearing in an astrology chart on a full moon. This lusty and wanton star feels lucky but wants it just a little too quick and easy. So don’t abuse any power you might have right now or you’ll end up all by yourself… alone and palely loitering.  Just do your part… and any crisis will be met with success. The storm will be followed by a rainbow. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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