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Chasing The Drum Meditation Music

Free to download mp3 spiritual new age drum meditation music, “Chasing The Drum”
finding your dance. All original drum music by psychic medium Ian Scott

drum meditation music
Drum Trance Meditation Music

Free to download MP3 “Chasing The Drum”. chasing the drums

Drum Meditation Music

Time: 00:00 to 00:42. The children begin to ring the bells, the elders commence the play of the pipes. The clan is called to chase the drums and find their dance.

Time: 00:42 to 01:49. The march up the hill to where the morning sun meets the earth is well on its way. Wipe your eyes, make the mouth smile, begin to catch the crowd. Be ready to find your dance.

Time: 01:49 to 02:29. The drums chant their way through the woods, the sound is clear, the heartbeats with it. A sacred walk accompanied by elk, vibrating to the rhythms a dance submerges deep from within the soul.

Time: 02:29 to 04:44  Ancestral spirits of the past and present hear the drums calling them to join in the dance. The drums send outbursts of thunder to the heavens.

Time 04:44 to 08:55. Let the body go limp let it be a slave to the rhythm. Close the eyes, relax the mind hear nothing but the music, see nothing but the music. Let The Trance Begin, find your dance.© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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