Peony Flower Meaning

peony flower meaning
Peony Spiritual Meaning

The majestic peony flower augers marriage and the star-crossed lover’s courtship process. Peony is a traditional flower to incorporate into a wedding bridal bouquet. Signifying longevity and peaceful happy marriage. The metaphysical importance of the peony has long been recognized in ancient China, Japan and Greece. As a symbol of good fortune and material wealth. Peonies are the flower that symbolizes the twelve-year wedding anniversary.

Peony Spiritual Meaning

The peony flower is often coupled with the dragon or Lion on tattoos to symbolize the soft and the hard, yin-yang. Traditionally given on special occasions requiring celebration. To give a little prayer for future outcomes. A blessing of goodwill, best wishes, joy and success.

As the peony flower buds unfurl they become up to three times their size. Signifying growth and the many layers of a human soul. A transformation, worthy of meditation. As the petals unfold into glorious colour and shape. They release their magic and beauty into the world.

A peony plant can live up to one hundred years, an old soul of the plant world. The peony plant reminds us that wisdom and beauty are found through the doors of time. Spreading its blooms for over 4,000 years the peony plant is deeply connected to the magic of the earth.

White Peony Flower Meaning

The white peony flower is given at a time when a simple sorry is not quite enough. A bouquet of white peonies symbolizes purity with loyal thoughtfulness. Specifically, the white peony is a way of asking for forgiveness.

Pink Peony Flower Meaning

The pink peony flower is a symbol of innocence and beauty. Evoking a sense of angel-like qualities. Pink peony flower petals thrown as confetti at a wedding ceremony blesses the couple with a harmonious marriage full of passion and excitement.

Red Peony Flower Meaning

The red peony flower is a sign of royalty. Sending a message you think of your upcoming love as a king or queen. Willing to offer the gift of loyalty and everlasting love. A flower that truly says “You are regal and I love you”

Peony Plant Metaphysical Symbolism

Growing a peony plant in the garden is said to bring good luck, wealth and fortune. Peony plants thrive in loving spiritual energy but wilt and look tired and colourless in negative energy. A healthy well-blooming peony plant will further enhance your spiritual energy and invoke nature sprites. Prosperity comes to those who care for the peony. © Ian Scott

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