Angelica Spiritual Meaning And Magical Uses

Angelica Herb Spiritual Meaning
Angelica Herb Spiritual Meaning

Angelica Spiritual Meaning 

Angelica herb has a wide variety of uses and medicinal properties. A member of the parsley family and an Iceland treasure. The roots and stems are boiled and pickled and eaten and are a favourite of the Scandinavia people.

A magical beautifully sounding healing flute is made from the stem of the Angelica. A tea infusion of the roots is drunk for well-being and general health. The uses are endless and are a popular herb all over the world.

The seeds and stems of Angelica are used to flavour liquors such as vermouth and chartreuse. Angelica is also known as an archangel, masterwort, holy ghost root and ground ash. Angelica comes into bloom close to the feast day of the Archangel Michael.

Metaphysical Properties Of Angelica

The ruling planet of Angelica is the Sun and the star sign aligning with the herb is Leo. Burn the leaves in a small bowl, to enhance protection spells and exorcism rituals. In a bath, place one of Angelica’s leaves in warm water. Soak your whole body for at least 20 minutes to remove hexes and spells placed upon you. Burn mugwort herb when finished. Angelica Root has a history of bringing luck to people who grow and care for the divine Angelica plant.

Angelica Root For Protection

Growing Angelica near the front door and on the front fence line expels negativity and attracts positive vibrations from the wind. Carrying the Angelica root for protection. Place the dried root underneath the inner soles of your shoes. To boost one’s protection while travelling. Also brings the right people around you. Add the root to amulets and talismans to ward off evil spirits and supersize their protection power.

Angelica’s Spiritual Meaning Of The Flower

Carry the dried flower in a satchel on your person for protection against mischievous spirits and wicked people. Smelling the flowers is a special kind of healing. Breathe in deeply the scent of Angelica to relieve one of depression and anxiety. This method may also be used to clear emotional trauma.

Place Angelica flowers in the home office to promote inspiration, commitment and active creativity. Angelica is also a romantic flower expressing love and devotion and giving to those in a soul mate or twin flame relationship.

Medicinal Properties

The amazing medicinal properties of Angelica herb. Used as a blood purifier and tonic and has the ability to relieve gas and heartburn. Make tea using the dried root of Angelica to aid in the balance of the gut and improve appetite.

It is also used for respiratory issues like colds and coughs, joint pain, blood circulation problems, loss of appetite, congestion, and anxiety. May also help one to achieve a night of uninterrupted sleep. Place Angelica leaves and flowers in a netted bag and place them in your pillow. For a relaxing deeper sleep with pleasant dreams. With astral protection. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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