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Jaguar Symbolism In Mayan Culture

The Mayan Jaguar God, Balam (Bah-Iahm). Worshipped and revered for its power and grace the Mayan people thought of the Jaguar as a gold token God. The Maya feared the Jaguar not for any evilness but for its sheer amount of personal and physical power. Mayan Kings such as Chibi Kin made the Jaguar their symbol of power, wearing belts of the Jaguar and marking her on shields and totems.

The God Kinich Ahau (roughly translates to Sun Face) the one who brings life to all on earth had a great connection with the Jaguar. At night to visit the underworld and fetch information and data from beyond the veil Kinich Ahau would shapeshift into a Jaguar.

Jaguars represent shapeshifters and transformation beings used in Mesoamerican rituals and dances. The medicine people or shamans of Maya were called Jaguar Priests and performed such duties as healing, exorcism, astral travel, and shape-shifting.

Jaguar Meaning

Power and duality are the symbols of the Jaguar animal totem. Having the wisdom and control to own such power as Jaguar medicine takes strength and humility to stay grounded and real.

Powerful magic dwellers of the night the solitary Jaguar is able to travel through the underworld.  Journeying through the subconscious exploring the shadow self. Strongly associated with the moon and her cycles Jaguar thrives on moonlight and the energy she reflects from the cosmos. Keeping Jaguar in tune with the earth and her movements.

Visions and dream quests for knowledge entertain the night sleep of the one who uses Jaguar Medicine. Deep within her, the Jaguar instinctively applies her psychic power to situations where all is not seen by the physical eyes. The Jaguar is a true shaman, some believing she is human, choosing to remain in the form of a cat. To stay hidden as a god.

Jaguar Totem Animal

The Jaguar animal spirit embodies the element of earth and the attributes of power and challenge. Utilizing magical gifts the Jaguar animal spirit guides those on the path of magic and enchantment.

Jaguar is a symbol of wanting life and fertility, making strong feminine energy, a mother, a goddess. Protective to the very end the Jaguar has a strong sense of family and friends and looks after those within her clan.

Jaguar Meaning In Dreams

Being calm grounded and settled in one’s emotions and ego is the challenge with those of the Jaguar spirit animal clan. Dreaming of Jaguar has just that meaning, to watch over yourself and your own behaviour. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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