Polis Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star polis
Astrology Polis Fixed Star

The restless fixed star Polis magnitude 3.0. A triple star in the upper part of the bow of Sagittarius. Polis is derived from a Coptic word meaning foal. Polis is a regal and fortunate fixed star. With the energies of Jupiter and Mars walking alongside it.

Fixed Star Polis Meaning

Cupid lives here, and being shot by one of Cupid’s arrows is surely to change your life forever. When the fixed star Polis appears in an astrology chart on a full moon, love fills the air. A time for romance. Allow yourself the freedom to go with the flow, and act with spontaneity. Meeting your soul mate or twin flame is a strong possibility with this cosmic anomaly.

Learning to love yourself is also a lesson involved with Polis. Like the foal maturing into a horse. Feeling comfortable with who you are, and knowing where you’re going in life, takes self-love.

Through loving yourself all restrictions and limitations that you place on yourself melt away. If you find through contemplation that you’re not happy with who you are. The shadow side of this star takes over.

Shadow Side Fixed Star Polis

Perception is heightened and success in any matter which requires control and domination is guaranteed if… and only if, the temptation to resort to violence in order to “win” is tempered. Working on the inner self goes a long way to alleviate any stress you cause yourself.

Acknowledge the intensity of the inherent bipolar forces of this fixed star and don’t overreach the limits of your knowledge and experience.  In the face of opposition, practice love and compassion and let the light of Spirit shine through… and whip it good. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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