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sound healing Meditation music
Chant Of The Past Life Monk

You have been invited to the great hall of a thousand monks a divine healing experience. Allow the vibrational tones to calm the mind, relax the body and most of all know you deserve the Gods to heal you. Come now, hear the ringing bells throughout the forest.

Close your eyes and visualize the 777 steps you must walk up to reach the mountain temple. Upon arrival take off your shoes, wash your feet, and bow as you enter the great hall. You welcomed, greeted, and blessed. Rushing from the bottom of your feet is pure electrified energy, sparking the divine spirit within.

Sound Healing Meditation Music

Welcome to sound healing. In the great hall, you are surrounded by ambient candlelight and the smell of Jasmine drifting by from a thousand incense sticks. Lie down, make yourself self-comfortable, and close your eyes, arms by your side. Take a deep breath and relax.

As the first Monk begins to chant his tune, then in unison, the other Monks follow. A sound healing vibrating all seven chakras to open. Activating through resonation, the body’s own natural healing state. Where the body heals itself.

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Let the tones seep deep into your soul, and allow the sounds to drift you in time. In time and in place, a place where you’re safe comfortable, and spiritually growing. With the knowledge that love heals all. Step into the great hall of a thousand monks.

Open the ears close the mouth, and breathe through the nose. Connecting with the monk’s dulcet tones will re-energize the soul and refreshen the spirit. © Vocals and Music by Psychic Medium Ian Scott. 

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