Pain Management Meditation Technique

Pain Management Meditation Technique
Pain Management Meditation Technique

Needing some pain management skills to deal with workout stress. Meditation for sports has become a proven technique to enhance the performance and power of the mind.

This meditation for sports recovery is specifically designed to show you the power of your own mind. These techniques can then be used on a race track in the ring or aligned with whichever sport you do.  You may have to make several attempts before it is effective for you.

“The Power of the mind has no limits”

Pain Management Meditation Technique

Find a silent space ( I do not recommend background music with this particular meditation.) with no distractions.

Step One

Relax in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and be still. Focus all your thought’s on the pain you are feeling. You will find by doing this you raise the level of pain. For a few minutes concentrate directly on the pain and much it hurts.

When you have managed to put yourself in even more pain than when you started, you’re ready for the next step.

Step Two

Open your eyes take three deep breaths in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. You will find the pain easing slightly.

Step Three

Close your eyes and focus on that subtle feeling of the pain subsiding. Once even a slight relief is starting, celebrate it! say to yourself that feels better this feels really good. Once you are experiencing even a slight effect of relief time to go to the next step.

Step Four

Open your eyes take three deep breaths in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. A relaxed and less weighty feeling will commence.

Step Five The Visualization

Re-shuffle yourself get comfortable again, close your eyes relax. 

In your mind’s eye visualize the milky way galaxy in all its heavenly glory. Imagine yourself going on a journey through the milky way, watching the stars go by and fall right in front of you. In the distance you notice a bright glowing pale pink planet attracting your curiosity, enough for you to make your way towards it.

Landing down softly on the planet, you find yourself lying next to a serene pale pink lake with all living things around you also radiating a pale pink glow. You are content and have an overwhelming feeling of peace. You’re literally bathed in the universe’s natural healing energy. Step into the water you are pain-free here, swim awhile lay back down and fall to sleep in the pink moonlight.

This place of the mind is now your pain-free area where you may go whenever you feel the need. After lots of practice, this becomes a very powerful tool. After lots of practice, you will only need to repeat step five to experience some relief.

And after a little more practice, you will only need to think of your pale pink home and instantly you will be in your pain-free area. Use this energy for spiritual healing. With love as my intent, I give to you all the healing you will ever need. by psychic medium © Ian Scott 

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