Alkaid Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star Alkaid meaning
Astrology Alkaid Fixed Star

The fixed star Alkaid meaning (Hired Mourners) marks the tail of the constellation Ursa Major (Big Bear) at a distance of 104  light-years from Earth. At 27° 04′ Virgo with a magnitude of 1.9. Alkaid has congruent energy with the planets Mercury, Saturn and the Moon.

Fixed Star Alkaid Meaning

A rather unfortunate star connected to global catastrophes and the unpleasantries of war. A marker of trouble and instability. This star seeks revenge on those who try to control others or place restraints on them. In this case, Alkaid can have a profound positive effect on the world. As it says here is a chance for change. How are you going to go about it?

With the power of God-like qualities, karma plays an important role in the judgement found in this fixed star. The message here is a higher power is watching. The universal law of all things in the universe is sewn together by love. Is the lesson of Alkaid fixed star meaning?

Those who have Alkaid stars, prominent in their natal chart. Have quite a challenge to remain on the right side of the fence. The moral ground must be maintained to turn this star into having positive traits. Once achieved Alkaid actually works for you to highlight the spiritual side of your nature. Appealing to the natural high one gets from doing the right thing.

Found prominent in an astrology chart on a full moon. This bright, uneasy blue star releases suspicious energy, encouraging silence and mistrust. Exercise a little self-control, because if roused and angered, a thirst for vengeance will follow. Causing even more grief and pain. It is a time to practice calm…  and master the art of letting go. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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