What Is Reiki Healing

reiki meaning
reiki meaning

What Is Reiki Healing

The literal translation of the word Reiki can be broken down as follows: Redescribes the universal and limitless aspect of the energy and Ki is the vital life force. Reiki belongs to that unspeakable realm of the unconscious.

Which is beyond our reasonable understanding and as such has an innate power parallel to no other. Fundamentally, Reiki is a method of laying on hands. Recorded history and prehistoric cave paintings dating back some 15 thousand years show that this method of healing is nothing new.

Reiki History

In the 19th century, a Japanese professor of Comparative Religions called Dr Isui is said to have channelled this particular form of hands-on healing and associated a set of symbols and mantras to create what he called Reiki.

His reason for doing this was that he noticed that people whom he had healed on a physical level quite often returned later with the same symptoms.  As the source of most disease is in the mental, emotional or spiritual body he designed a system of initiation, which, by placing the symbols in the aura of his candidates, their energies were aligned with the healing force of the universe.

Reiki Symbols

The Reiki symbols activate a certain harmonic resonance that flows through the giver to the receiver in a dance, not unlike a tuning fork being struck on one side of the room, seducing the strings of a piano, harp or violin into sync.  Once your energy has been attuned to this healing frequency, all that is necessary from that moment forth is the intention to heal and the subconscious does the rest.

If this process is carried to its ultimate end, the results are limitless. The false self is rendered useless, and the result varies from person to person depending on how much you participate consciously in the process.  If you are lucky, your life will come crashing down around you, and at that moment there is a chance for real change and second birth.

Each of the Reiki symbols has its own creative force, which contracts a particular chain of events to manifest.  They have immense power due to their accumulated use and focus over the centuries.  They provide us with a link to the universal mind and ultimately to the source of creation.

“Symbols – like words – have accumulated power through use and attention over thousands of years.  There is an intrinsic primordial connection or resonance between these symbols and the forces or concepts they represent that goes beyond human design.” (Bill Whitcomb)

Every life form, including disease, has a soul on which it is patterned. The soul is the coding that gives a thing its unique identity. It is the link between spirit and matter. Spirit is active and assertive and the matter is receptive and passive. If the soul is healthy, then the life form, which it inhabits, will function in a healthy fashion and vice-versa. Take away the soul and the body immediately begins to deteriorate.

By scrambling the pattern of the soul of a disease, or the dark entity driving it, the link between spirit and matter is broken, and the body can re-balance itself as a natural course of events. Reiki, when exercised with pure intent, sends the soul of the disease back through the veil – perhaps a little more prematurely than would otherwise occur.

Reiki heals and balances the body, reinstating it to its natural state of homo status.   It is known to relieve stress, grief, anger, shock, depression, and anxiety. It helps with hormonal imbalances, insomnia, migraines, flu and cold symptoms, ADHD and other learning difficulties – the list is endless.  It induces a state of calm or a kind of still point where the body can heal itself, which it is designed to do. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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