Dreamcatcher Meaning

Dreamcatcher Meaning-
Dreamcatcher Meaning-

Traditionally dream catchers were made of willow, feathers and nettle fibre forming the web. The circle of willow forming the hoop is said to be the heart of the magic contained within a dream catcher. The circle itself is a magical symbol meaning completion, whole, and unity, the circle of life. The willow is a spiritual wood used by druids for vision, a flow of magic and the release of emotions.

About The Dream Catcher

The Ojibwe people, natives of America held the dream catcher as a symbol of the protection given by the spider woman Asibikaashi who watched over and protected the children of the tribe from nightmares.

The dream catcher filters our dreams, catching the bad negative ones in its web and allowing the pleasant positive ones to enter through the dream catcher’s centre gently passing the dream down the feathers to the owner who lies beneath. The dream catcher also guards against bad or malevolent spirits trying to intervene in our dreams, creating a passage for our guides and angels to enter.

Dreamcatcher Meaning And Magic

Powerful magic happens when a dream catcher is hand-made with the intent of protection and love by the mother of the child to whom the dream catcher will belong. The father of the child hangs the dreamcatcher from the ceiling low enough that the sunlight hits the dreamcatcher in the morning. This is important because the sun acts as a cleanser for the bad negative dreams caught in its web.

Tell the story of the dream catcher to your children, what it does and how it works, before you present them with it. This will reassure the child of safe sleeping and pleasant dreams and allow spiritual energy to encompass them on their astral journeys. Belief is our strongest magical tool, for those who truly believe without doubt magic really does happen.

Dreamcatcher Lucid Dreaming

During the day starting first thing in the morning, close your eyes and think about the dream you wish to have that night. Meditate for a few minutes on that particular dream. Hold out your hand palm facing upwards, create an energy ball and blow it gently onto the feathers of your dreamcatcher.

Repeat this several times throughout the day until it is time to sleep. As you lay down to sleep close your eyes imagine your dream and let it out through your breath toward the dreamcatcher. Pleasant dreams see mugwort for extra information. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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