Talitha Fixed Star Meaning

Fixed Star Talitha Meaning
Astrology Fixed Star Talitha

This topaz yellow and purple fixed star Talitha (“Daughter of the Assembly”) is situated on the front paw of the constellation Ursa Major (“Greater Bear”). At a magnitude of 3.1 with a spectral class AM. Talitha has congruent energy to the planet Mars with a touch of Jupiter.

Fixed Star Talitha Meaning

Talitha is an interesting star as its energy flips from time to time. Similar in metaphysical influences as the number 555 and the tarot card the chariot. A choice is offered, and a fork in your life road presents itself.

One path is negative the other is for your highest good. The harder path is always the most rewarding. The spiritual message contained in the fixed star Talitha is are you going to take the easy way out?

In an astrology natal chart, Talitha adds a precautionary slightly anxious energy. These people will need to practise relaxation techniques and stress control to deliver the best of themselves.

Talitha is neither a negative nor positive star it is in the neutral position. Meaning it is what you make of it. If no action is taken by you to create a better life. Stagnation sets in. And boredom with the future which leads to anxiety and depression.

When appearing in a full moon chart. This discreet and cautious star seeks release in all matters relating to social responsibility and executive power. Crucial decisions must be made, but these decisions will be made behind closed doors.

Indeed, this is uneasy and suspicious energy, so practice self-control and patience when dealing with a hierarchy or the dark and angry side of this pretty daughter will emerge, seeking revenge and “justice”.   Practice the art of social discourse. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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