Dubhe Fixed Star Meaning

Fixed Star Dubhe meaning
Astrology Dubhe Fixed Star

The giant yellow fixed star Dubhe (15°12′ Leo) in the constellation of seven stars known as “The Big Dipper” is situated approximately 123 light-years from Earth. The second brightest star in this constellation.

The star alpha α Dubhe is 5° from beta β Merak and 10° from delta δ Megrez. Hindu astrology has the four stars of the plough and the three stars in the tail as Sapta Rishi’s “The Seven Wise Men.”

Fixed Star Dubhe Meaning

A fortunate star with influences of the planets Venus, Mercury and the planet Mars. Sometimes known as the eye, this mysterious star abounds with psychic power. Raw animalistic knowing of the sixth sense.

Connections to Earth Magic and ley lines that surround the earth. Ascension Energy is worthy of the green witch. Fixed star Dubhe is a good omen, but that’s not to say it won’t be challenging.

Dubhe is an exciting flow of magic and mayhem. Within the chaos of everyday life, moments of complex magic take place. But to see or hear this we must be completely silent inside and out.

Like the eye of a tornado calm and centred. In this vortex of mind, the focus becomes something else. Energy all of its own, like a well-projected telepathic thought. Containing emotional reference, intent, vision and sound.

Appearing in an astrology chart on a full moon, fixed star Dubhe releases wise but arrogant and psychic energy which beams directly at the collective unconscious. Public and peaceful demonstrations.

That seek to give concrete form to much-needed creative changes in society are favoured, so should you hear the call of the collective, then put on your best threads and wear your heart on your sleeve… it’s Showtime. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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