Jabbah Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star jabbah meaning
Astrology Jabbah Fixed Star

Fixed star Jabbah, is a 4.3 magnitude star in the Scorpius Constellation. On the head of the Scorpion, lying east of beta (β Acrab). The traditional name Jabbah is an Arabic word that means The Forehead. The Arabic spelling for this star is Al-Jabhah. In Mesopotamian, these were Jia Jan Ju Sur which seems to have meant “the forbidden Tree of Life in Eden”

Fixed Star Jabbah Meaning

Jabbah has an overpowering quite anxious energy. It takes patience to see through the cloudiness this star puts in front of us. Aggressive and violent energies of warfare and control are the main influences of Jabbah.

Although if this energy is channelled correctly it can be a great motivator of vitality and goal accomplishment. Use meditation techniques to achieve a state of relaxation whenever Jabbbah appears.

When the star appears in a full moon chart expect explosive energy. This particular aspect releases built-up tension and anger in those who have not yet found a future for themselves.

On a new moon, this star asks you to delve into what it is you’re wanting from life and take action to make it happen. Bringing an abundance of inner peace and emotional healing. Jabbah is an influential spiritual growth master star, as it shows you your dark side.

Spiritual Meaning

Do not resist the deep and silent changes which are occurring since the energy released by this warrior quadruple star demands positive action. This is a time of crisis and conflict that will ultimately lead to personal growth and a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

Above all, remember that we are not alone… divine power and intelligence watch over, guide, and protect.  Practice faith (and levitation). © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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