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Cassowary Spiritual Meaning

Australian Cassowary spiritual meaning. This unique ancient bird holds the
key to one of the most important messages of the modern world.

cassowary spiritual meaning
Cassowary Totem Animal Australia

The cassowary is known as the worlds most dangerous bird. With a raptor-like claw that can grow up to 4 inches long, the cassowary has been known to kill people. Contrary to the protection ability the cassowary possesses, it has a very spiritual message.

The cassowary is a prehistoric creature, a symbiotic partner to the rain forests. Acting as guardian and god. Together they create life and preservation. Protecting their sacred space with honour and place. Projecting confidence, strength, longevity and prosperity. Coming from the same bird family as the Emu, the Cassowary is a truly majestic bird of Australia.

Cassowary Spirit Animal

With a helmet worthy of any roman soldier and razor-sharp claws from the dinosaur age. The cassowary spirit is one of a spiritual warrior. A solitary soldier of nature. Ready to protect with ancient knowledge, wisdom and crazy fighting skills.

Tapping into our past lives and bringing back our skills and attributes of those lives. Is the Cassowary spirit animal way. Breaking down the amnesia caused by living many lives growing as a soul of the universe. This creates a strong sense of self for the Cassowary totems.

Revealing high spirituality later in life. Those who hold the prestige of having the Cassowary as their spirit animal. They will be hard to get to know at first, but if your lucky, you will find a friend for life. A leader of men.

Cassowary Spiritual Meaning

What does the Cassowary symbolize? Eating the fruits of the forest serves an important purpose. Spreading seed throughout the forest floor sharing the plants revegetation across vast areas. Bringing lush growth and fresh life.

Cassowary brings us one of the most important lessons of mankind today. The metaphysical message behind this incredible ancient bird is to work with nature not against it. To work with all things in and around us to reach a balance, a deliberate harmony. Harmony and balance bring peace and happiness.

Living in this manner with honour to all things creates earth magic of an ancient kind. Good feelings and energy spread like wildfire, when people catch on, it grounds the common sense of it all. Once momentum has been reached all the forests inhabitants all work together with natures rhythms. And no is harm is done, actually, the opposite happens, an influx of extreme abundance. Finding this balance in your own life is the symbolic message of the Cassowary totem.

Dreaming Of A Cassowary Meaning

What does it mean if you dream of a cassowary? Seeing a cassowary is a sign from nature herself. Asking you to connect with her and help preserve her by introducing new ideas to the public. Ones that transform all those around you to place mother earth’s healing as the number one priority.

Following a Cassowary through the forest in a dream beckons you to take care of your harvest. Whatever project you’re doing at the moment. Whether it be growing a crop of vegetables, to opening a new business. Tend to the finer details, make sure everything and every deal is a healthy one. For both you and the others involved.

Being followed by a Cassowary in a dream asks you to deepen your awareness of your own self-protection. Are you hanging out with the right kind of people? And do you know the ones around you enough to trust them? © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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