Emu Spirit Animal

Emu animal totem
Emu animal totem

Unique to Australia the totem emu is Australia’s largest and tallest bird standing at least 1.5 meters or more in height. A flightless bird with a whole lot of character. The emu can weigh up to 40kg or even a little more. So if he decides to push you around a little there’s not much you can do.

Emus sometimes frighten people due to their sheer size and inquisitive nature. Getting right up in your face. And if he sees something he doesn’t like in you, he will pick on you, steal your hat or chase you. But he is a friendly animal especially if he is familiar with you.

Emu Totem Meaning
To stand one’s ground
honesty, love, loyalty
brotherhood and family
mystical wisdom
shamanism, earth magic
mischievous, intelligent.

Emu Totem Meaning And Symbology

The emu aboriginal meaning is steeped in history and Dreamtime stories. The early aboriginal astronomers of our ancient lands saw a constellation of stars as the emu in the sky. Following and marking its transitions through the night sky. Along with many other cultures, the Incas saw a similar pattern in the sky referring to a llama, Llama in the sky.

Our aboriginal ancestors the keepers of the land had connections with all the other lands in the world. Through the spirit serpent who travels the waters of the earth through rivers streams canals and the ocean. The Emu in the sky is yet but another connection to all the spiritual veins of the Earth and the cosmos.

Emu totem meaning. The aboriginal symbol for the emu is two 3 legged bird tracks as seen in the picture above, top right corner. This symbol is exactly the same as the runestone Algiz which is a protection rune. In the same fashion, the aboriginal symbol of the emu tracks is magical and protective and may be used as a talisman.

Emu Totem Meaning
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Energy: Masculine
Totem friends: Wombat and Owl

Emu Spiritual Meaning

Emu totem meaning has deep and powerful spiritual guidance. Those who become wayward and directionless in their life may call upon the Emu totem to show them the right way. The way to be an asset to the community and strive for goodness love equality and righteousness. The way of the Emu.

Emu animal totem is one of pride honour wisdom brotherhood and self-control. Through the example, the emu sets others to follow. The emu brings the clan together, together to work in peace harmony and respect. Emu demands respect he is a powerful authority and needs to be listened to due to his infinite wisdom.

Emu stands for justice and what is right and fights for that right. Emu totem people are kind honest trustworthy and a healer of wrongs. The emu is a strong spiritual healer. Helping you to see the pureness of your soul and how you can show that to others. And show others how to see it in themselves.

Emu In Dreams

What does dreaming about emus mean? If the emu is running it’s a sign saying move forward with what you are seeking in life. Not to defer your dreams and or plans for the future for something that may only be temporary. If there are multiple emus in your dream it augers a spotlight on the family. See to it that all loved ones are content and growing. A showing of compassion heals all involved.

If a single standing emu lays before you in your dreams he shares a message of reflection. Here emu asks you to seek yourself, seek your passions and excitements. Find your driving force so you know how to proceed with success in your life.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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